Anand`s win very special: Parents

Chennai: Elated after their son retained his World Chess Championship title, Viswanathan Anand`s parents on Wednesday said the win is very as special as the Indian tamed
challenger Veselin Topalov of Bulgaria in his own backyard.

"It is a special moment for us on many counts. Firstly,
we are thrilled that no player had won the title so many times
as Anand. Winning the title in 2002 and retaining it since
2007, Baba (as Anand is affectionately called by his
parents) is the greatest player. We are sure that he will
continue to rule the roost at highest levels in the game," the
champion`s parents, Viswanathan and Susheela, told reporters here.

Anand retained his crown by wrapping up the final game
against Topalov in Sofia.

Viswanathan said the triumph shows that his son is
menatlly very strong.

"Right from his young days he always ventures to take
challenges," he said.

Anand`s mother said she was delighted result after all
the problems that he was forced to confront prior to the
tournament. Anand had to travel by road to compete in the
world championship as air traffic had been disrupted due to
volcanic ash over Europe.

"We were still very hopeful of his triumph because he has
always been focused on his work from younger days," she said.

"We were not under any pressure and we do not think that
Anand was in any such situation. We were not at all worried
about his game since we knew his capabilities and abilities in
handling complex situations.”

"As usual, we did not talk to him during the tournament.
Aruna (Anand`s wife) gave us information on a daily basis. Our
prayers were answered and we are happy that he has defended
his title," she said.