Anger management did it for me: Suranjoy Singh

New Delhi: First Indian boxer to clinch a gold medal at the inter-continental President’s Cup, Suranjoy Singh on Sunday attributed his success to anger management, which has helped him evolve from a streetfighter to a champion pugilist.

The 22-year-old fly weight pugilist, who was also adjudged the best boxer of the season-ending event, said he used to lose focus too often due to his short temper.

“I used to lose my cool very easily in the ring. For instance, if my opponent landed a good punch or fouled me, it would make me so angry that I would just forget about the bout and try to beat up the other guy,” Suranjoy said after returning to the country from Baku, Azerbaijan on Sunday.

The Manipuri, employed with the Indian Navy, said it was before the Asian Championships, where he broke a 15-year jinx to fetch India a gold medal, that he realised how damaging his temper had been to his career.

“The coaches talked sense into me, made me realise how important it was to focus my energy on the real task. I also did some introspection and thought may be I should change myself a bit. I adopted a calmer approach and it worked fantastically well in the Asian Championships,” he said.

“I now focus on scoring points and winning the bout. I don’t lose my cool and this has made me a better boxer,” he added.

National coach Gurbax Singh Sandhu said the change has worked wonders for the diminutive boxer.

“He would turn into a streetfighter at the slightest provocation and this approach ruined him. But he has changed for the better now and the good results are coming,” he said.

Another weakness which Suranjoy has conquered is complacency.

“I was ahead by three points before I lost my first round bout in the World Championships. I lost because I got complacent. I was miserable after that, I couldn’t sleep for two nights and promised myself that I would never let that feeling upset my rhythm,” Suranjoy said.

“Now, I don’t bother if I am leading or trailing,” he said.

Suranjoy signs off the year with five gold medals – one national and four international.

Starting with the A K Mishra International event in Chandigarh, Suranjoy went on to finish at the top in the European Grand Prix, the Asian Championships and the President’s Cup. In between he also claimed the national title.

“It has been a memorable year and hopefully things would only get better. My next target is winning the gold medal in the Commonwealth Championships in March and follow it up with another gold at the Commonwealth Games in October,” he said.