Austrian skydiver Felix Baumgartner enters history books after record-breaking jump

Updated: Oct 15, 2012, 00:17 AM IST

New Mexico: Austria’s Felix Baumgartner entered history books on Sunday as he broke the record for the highest ever skydive by jumping out of a balloon 128,000ft (39km) above New Mexico.

The 43-year-old leapt into the stratosphere on Sunday from a balloon flying 24 miles (38 km) above the planet in an attempt to break the sound barrier.

Baumgartner jumped from a tiny shelf outside the 11-by-8-foot (3.3-by-2.4 metre) fiberglass and acrylic capsule that was carried to 128,000 feet by an enormous balloon.

The crowd went ecstatic as he plunged through the stratosphere.

He landed about 10 minutes later, having broken the world record for the highest altitude jump by a skydiver, sponsors said.

As he prepared to jump from the pressurized capsule, Baumgartner went through a checklist of 40 items with project adviser Joe Kittinger, holder of a 19-mile high altitude parachute jump record that Baumgartner hopes to smash.

He checked through an equipment list from his seat and expressed concern that his astronaut-like helmet was not heating properly.

Baumgartner`s ascent into the stratosphere took about 2 1/2 hours.

Felix Baumgartner who was to make the highest ever skydive was left frustrated Tuesday after his attempt had to be called off due to unfavourable winds.