British track legend Sir Roger Bannister vows not to quit fighting Parkinson`s disease

London: British track legend Sir Roger Bannister has reportedly taken an oath not to stop his fight against Parkinson`s disease after revealing that he has been struck down by the illness.

The former athlete, who is the first man to run a mile in under four minutes and enjoyed a distinguished career as a neurologist post retirement, said that he is having troubles with walking and ironically it is a neurological disorder known as Parkinson`s.

According to the Daily Express, Bannister said that he would not let the incurable Parkinson`s disease, which causes shaking, stiffness and restricts mobility and currently affects about 1,30,000 people in the United Kingdom, interfere with his life.

The modest and humorous former athlete said that yes it is an irony, because as a neurologist he had been concerned with the diagnosis, causes and management of Parkinson`s.

Bannister, who had been diagnosed with Parkinson`s disease in 2011, also said that he has seen and looked after patients with so many neurological and other disorders that he is not surprised that he acquired an illness, adding that it is in the nature of things.

Banister further said that the way he looks at it is by considering the alternatives, adding that one of the pleasures of his life apart from running has been walking, but what is it anyway.

The legend added that he still has a walking group of 11 good friends who go for a walk every month but these days he only goes for the pub lunch afterwards.

Bannister is the first person to break the four-minute barrier as he ran a mile on the slippery cinder track in three minutes 59.4 seconds, the report added.

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