Carlsen first in London Classic; Anand joint second

London: World Champion Indian Viswanathan
Anand drew against Russian Vladimir Kramnik to finish joint
second with Luke Mcshane of England at the 2010 London Chess
Classic at Olympia here.

Grandmaster Magnus Carlsen of Norway clinched the first
place with a crushing victory against Nigel Short of England

The final round victory by the Norwegian ensured him a
first place regardless of the other results as he had the best
tiebreak score.

With four victories, one draw and two losses, Carlsen
tallied 13-points in the Soccer-like scoring system and
remained two points ahead of Anand and Mcshane.

Kramnik and Hikaru Nakamura of United States finished
joint fourth on 10 points each while Michael Adams ended his
campaign on eight points following a draw with Nakamura in the
final round game.

David Howell held McShane to finish ahead of Short who
scored just two points from two draws besides five losses.

The victory by Carlsen will also see him reclaim his
place at the top of the official rating list in January 2011
although Anand is also having a marginal gain in rating

Carlsen`s mentor Garry Kasparov was present at the venue
to comment on the games of the final round and see his prot?g?
win the tournament for the second successive year.

The first game to finish was the pairing of the current
world champion Anand and his predecessor Vladimir Kramnik.
Anand faced the Berlin defense yet again and carried a token
edge into the middle game that ensued Kramnik was up to the
task in exchanging pieces at regular intervals and it came
down to an opposite-coloured bishop endgame where Anand`s
extra pawn was of no consequence.

Nigel Short faced Carlsen with the black pieces and his
plan of going for a simplified position backfired. With
clinical precision, Carlsen restrained Nigel`s queenside
development and occupied crucial squares to win a pawn and it
soon subsided into a straightforward technical win.

In the VIP room Garry Kasparov correctly predicted
Magnus`s plan and then said "this is a technical win - let`s
look at another game!"

David Howell and Luke McShane played a full-blooded
Sicilian Dragon - one of the wildest openings in the canon.
Howell got an optical advantage but missed his chances in the
middle game. The result was a draw through perpetual checks.

The game between Nakamura and Adams went right down to
the kings. Adams played his favourite Marshall Attack and the
American came up with a new idea. The queens came off and
pressure against hanging pawns ensured an equal position for
the English.

In the open event, Grandmaster Abhijeet Gupta suffered a
shocking last round loss to Thorustur Thorllsson of Iceland
while International Master Sahaj Grover won his last round to
finish as the best Junior player in the tournament defeating
David Eggleston of England.

Results: V Anand (Ind) drew with Vladimir Kramnik (Rus);
Magnus Carlsen (Nor) beat Nigel Short (Eng); Hikaru Nakamura
(Usa) drew with Michael Adams (Eng); David Howell (Eng) drew
with Luke McShane (Eng).

Final Scores: 1st Magnus Carlsen 13/21, 2-3rd V Anand,
Luke McShane 11, 4th Hikaru Nakamura 10, 5th Vladimir Kramnik
10, 6th Mickey Adams 8, 7th David Howell 4, 8th Nigel Short 2.