Chitra, Uma bow out of World Ladies Snooker

Leeds (UK): After a fine run in the first three days of the WLBSA event here, Indian cueists Chitra Magimairaj and Umadevi Nagraj bowed out of ladies snooker on Monday.

Chitra, who ended in the sixth position, failed to cross the league-stage hurdle for the first time. She had earlier made it to the knock-out stages in her previous 11 outings.

Chitra, 41, lost to Jaigue Ifwan 2-0, Wendy Jans (IBSF champion) 1-1 and Anita Maflin 2-0 on a disappointing day of snooker.

Meanwhile Umadevi lost to Ng on Yee (two-times IBSF champ) 2-0, Anna Prisazhnuk 2-0, Jessica Woods 2-0. Irina Gorbataya 1-1 and winning against Natalia Kazlouskata 2-0.

The Bangalore cueists now eye the senior snooker title, while Uma is also looking to regain her billiards crown.