City lad Vidit Gujarati won 35th chess competition

Updated: Nov 10, 2009, 20:07 PM IST

Nashik: City-based 15-year-old Vidit Gujarati has won the 35th national chess sub junior (under 15) tournament held at suburban Andheri in Mumbai.

Competition was held between November 01 and 09 through league system and total 11 rounds were held in which Vidit won 8 and three rounds were drawn, earning 9.5 marks among 215 players participated in the tourney.

Vidit was earlier three-time world winner in youth games and also won bronze medal in the Asian youth competition.

Vidit is also gold medal winner in the Commonwealth games and won the International Master award this year.

He had also participated in chess competition held in Russia`s Saint Pietersburg last month and earned grand master title.

Bureau Report