Coach suspected with H1N1 infection quarantined: BWF

Hyderabad: The Badminton World Federation today admitted that a Malaysian coach with suspected symptoms of H1N1 virus was quarantined but said initial examination ruled out swine flu and a confirmed report would be available within the next two days.

The governing body was tight-lipped about the identity of
the victim but disclosed he has been put under strict
surveillance in Andhra Pradesh Chest Hospital here.

"The coach has reported fever and sore throat and so as a
precautionary measure he was sent to a city hospital and
initial investigation suggested there is no connection with
the H1N1 virus," BWF COO Thomas Lund told reporters here.

"He is fine and doesn`t have fever now. He has improved
but we don`t want to take chances and so he has been kept
under examination and a confirmed report will come out within
48 hours," Lund said.

Asked about the identity of the coach, Lund said "because
it`s not proved yet, we would not like to mention his name as
it can affect the victim`s family".

Malaysia have arrived with separate coaches for singles
and doubles team.

Consultant and Head of Department of Emergency Medicine,
Apollo hospital Dr Mahesh Joshi said the chance of his
contracting H1N1 virus infection is very minimum.

"The degree of suspicion that he has the virus is very
low but I feel we should rather completely rule it out than
sitting on it and so the coach has been put under
survellience," Joshi said.

"To ensure 100 per cent safety of the players and
officials, the three coaches who were staying in the same room
with the victim were isolated from the rest and were put under
examination. Their temperature would be monitored every two
hours," he said.

The Gachibowli stadium turned almost into a medical unit
with police officials, sponsors and even some journalist
wearing masks fearing a possible contact with the virus.

With the matches in full swing, a high turn around of
spectators are expected but Thomas said there won`t be any
screening of the public as of now.

"Spectators won`t be screened as of now as it is not
confirmed whether it is swine flu or not. Moreover, there is
no way the players and officials can be contacted with the
general people," Thomas said.

Thomas said there was a team managers` meeting were the
various officials of the respective squads were informed of
the development and there hasn`t been any concern shown by any

Badminton Association of India President V K verma also
assured that there is adequate arrangement to deal with any
medical contingency.

Bureau Report