Contador doping issue likely to land before Arbitration court

Mumbai: The issue of culpability of three
times Tour de France winner Alberto Contador, who is facing a
one-year ban after testing positive for a banned substance, is
likely to land before Court of Arbitration for Sport, said Pat
McQuaid, International Cycling Union (UCI) President.

"The Spanish Cycling Federation had recommended a
one-year ban on Contador. However, he won`t accept it and
has presented some new facts. Spanish Association will take a
decision in a day or two after which we get till the end of
February to go to the arbitrator," McQuaid said.

McQuaid was here yesterday to oversee the preparations
for `Tour de Mumbai`, the upcoming two-stage cycling event.

Contador tested positive for clenbuterol at last year`s
Tour de France, which he had won. However, the ace cyclist
pleaded innocence, claiming that contaminated meat was
responsible for his being testing positive.

If found guilty, Contador will be stripped of his title.

Asked about the allegations of doping levelled against
seven-time Tour de France winner Lance Armstrong by former
champion Floyd Landis, McQuaid said it could be out of

"Landis is the first champion who was caught and
suspended. He feels he is a victim as others have gotten
away....but there`s a bit of revenge in what he says," he

McQuaid said though doping has been the bane of cycling
for long, it is not the only sport to suffer from it.

"Cheating is involved in all sports and in all facets of
life. The UCI is the most advanced sports organisation in the
world in terms of technology against doping, and we spent over
5.5 million Euro on fight against doping last year," he