CSI welcomes IOC`s move to suspend IOA

New Delhi: Cleans Sports India (CSI) on Tuesday welcomed the International Olympic Committee`s decision to disband the IOA, stating that the suspension has substantiated the country`s sports fraternity`s fight against the corrupt officials of the national sports body.

"Cleans Sports India and the entire sports fraternity welcomes the suspension of Indian Olympic Association (IOA) by IOC. We feel that our fight against the officials of IOA and its malfunctioning under the leadership of Suresh Kalmadi and V K Malhotra is vindicated," said a CSI release.

"In India there is a huge public outrage against these officials and all political leaders who are running our federations without restricting entries to sportsmen who have competed at the highest level," it added.

CSI also said that will co-operate with the IOC in starting reforms in the Indian Olympic Movement.

"IOC`s move on suspension of IOA is a great opportunity to start reforms in the Indian Olympic Movement. We will cooperate with IOC in taking the reforms agenda forward to build permanent institutional mechanism, which is transparent and accountable with in IOA. And to improve the management of sports in India based on well accepted principles of good governance and ethical standards of the Olympic Movement."

CSI, however, said the IOC must start the reform process soon "so that the suspension of IOA is revoked at the earliest to protect the interests of our current sportspersons".

"However, we see a serious problem in moving forward with Mr V K Malhotra being the acting head of the suspended IOA. You are well aware of Mr Malhotra`s continuous defiance of IOC`s suggestions and directions since the last two years on various issues," the release stated.

"As recent as 5th December election of IOA which the IOC has categorically stated that it will not recognise the new body, Mr Malhotra has constituted a five member panel/board on 6th December with him as the chairman and four other members Mr Chautala, Mr Nanavati, Mr Bhanot and Mr Ramachandran who were "elected" in the illegal election as President, Sr Vice President, Secretary General and Treasurer to take day to day decisions of IOA," CSI added.

Complaining that Malhotra`s move is an open defiance of IOC directions post IOA suspension, CSI said, "His motive is clear to deal with the officials not recognised by IOC including corruption tainted official like Lalith Bhanot.

"We feel that this body headed by Mr Malhotra will oppose any reforms in IOA. It will also become an hindrance to find early solution to revoke India`s suspension. Hence, in the interest of Indian sports, please take immediate action to ensure Mr Malhotra and other members of this body does not deal with IOA in any capacity any more even if it means expulsion of these officials."