CWG: Government responsible too, says Kalmadi

Updated: Feb 24, 2011, 16:25 PM IST

Zeenews Bureau

New Delhi: Ex-Commonwealth Games Organising Committee chief Suresh Kalmadi gave a weak defence for his case after the arrest of his close aides, saying that only the CWG OC members were being targeted by the investigative agencies while all other government officials who were a part of the mega-event have walked scot-free.

“Everybody has said that the secular conduct of the games was superb. All the documents (concerning the gathering of the material) have been given to the CBI. It is unfortunate that only the officers of the Organising Committee are being questioned,” Kalmadi told a press conference.

Kalmadi also asserted his rhetoric that all the decisions were unanimous and there were many other government officials in the agreement and execution of the expenditure overlays.

“The additions have been made by various other bodies which had senior government officers. All decisions s have been taken with consent of everybody. I’m surprised that only OC is being questioned, no government officers questioned. No construction cost was a part of the Organising Committee’s workings,” Kalmadi added, hinting at deeply entrenched corruption in the total working of the CWG.

“Ministry of Youth Affairs Sports has been a part of all the decisions. It is a well balanced collection of various agencies and all decisions were unanimous. Why only the OC is being singled out? My request for a Joint Parliamentary Committee is still on so we can settle all matters. Right now the perception is that OC did all wrong, none of the decisions were my own,” Kalmadi said before abruptly ending his session with the media without answering a lot of questions.

Earlier yesterday, Ex-CWG OC secretary general Lalit Bhanot was arrested along with VK Verma after CBI questioned them in connection with alleged irregularities in a Rs 107 crore contract that had been awarded to a Swiss time-keeping company.

The two ex-CWG officials will be produced in court today, Thursday while sources said that Suresh Kalmadi himself faced arrest within a week.

Kalmadi Slammed

In a sharp reaction to ex-CWG chief Suresh Kalmadi’s claims of other government officials involved with irregularities during the Commonwealth Games, Sports Minster Ajay Maken said that Kalmadi should be asked why only CWG OC needed to answer after comprehensive investigations into the workings of the mega-event.

“It must be asked from Kalmadi why the CWG OC must answer. It is not proper for me to say anything on this juncture. We have done what we had to, let us wait for the investigations to get over. Shunglu Committee is investigating into the matter along with other concerned agencies,” Maken said when asked about Kalmadi’s allegations of other government officials in the corruption net.

BJP leader Balbir Punj slammed Kalmadi and also said that the role of the Delhi government as well as the Central government must be looked into. “Kalmadi’s arrogant reaction should not surprise anyone. With his allegations, the role of Delhi government and the Central government as well must be looked into.”

Mani Shankar Aiyer also slammed the ex-CWG chief saying that Kalmadi’s allegations were not in accordance with the facts. “I’m not sure whether what he is saying stands true with the real facts,” the senior Congress leader said.