CWG not a side show: Coe

New Delhi: Commonwealth Games have never been a "side-show" and the people of the capital would get a chance to watch the stars of tomorrow in action during the
October 3-14 mega event here, feels legendary British athlete
Sebastian Coe.

"Commonwealth Games is certainly not a side-show but the
world`s third largest event. It`s a high-quality sporting
competition with so much honour associated with it. I am sure
that the Games will leave a long-lasting legacy that people
would remember throughout their life," Coe said.

"In a number of ways, winning a medal in CWG is quite
tougher than winning medal in many events. To win a medal in
sprint, 800m, 1500m or 5000m is not a child`s play.”

"Many of the household names in sporting world today had
make their first image in this tournament only. I am sure that
the people of Delhi would be watching the stars of tomorrow,"
said Coe, who had won 1500m gold at the Olympic Games in 1980
(Moscow) and 1984 (Los Angeles).

The Englishman said Indians should now get ready to watch
some spectacular performance by the athletes like Asafa Powell
during the Delhi event.

"Many stars are coming to the Delhi Games such as Asafa
Powell who had made his debut in this event only. So this
event has its own importance and no one can deny this," Coe

Coe, who is part of the delegation of the visiting
British Prime Minister David Cameron, said that it was nice to
find the organisers in a relaxed mood with the event round
the corner.

"It`s good to see them so calm and relaxing with just 63
days left. I can say the Organising Committee is ready," he

The 53-year-old middle distance runner also feels that it
is the time the media as well as the people of the country
back the OC so that the Games becomes a success.

"It`s time for India, it`s media and people to get really
excited and feel proud about the Games. World`s third largest
event is coming to your shores and you all should be happy.”

"This is a great opportunity not only for sports but also
the culture and tradition. An extraordinary story would going
to be written about the Indian economy also," Coe said.

Coe, whose mother was born in India, added that hosting a
mega-event like the CWG or Olympic Games was always a big

"We have a very good team working hard day and night to
make the London Olympic Games a success. We still have a lot
of works to do in these two years. Venues are structurally
complete but interior works have to be done to turn them into
the Olympic venues," said Coe, chief of the 2012 Olympic Games
Organising Committee.

"I want to see greater participation by young people in
Olympics and para-Olympic sports. I want to showcase cultural
and traditional legacy that we have nurtured," said Coe.

Coe, who visited a city school today as part of London
2012 International Inspirational Programme, said the
initiative has involved six million young people worldwide and
is a huge success in India also.

"This programme is hugely successful for us. Our aim is
to get 12 million young people involved into sports and the
physical education activities in the run-up to London 2012.”

"This is our first visit to India and response is good.
Practice of sport in the communities can break social barriers
and provide greater cohesion," he added.


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