‘Defiant’ Armstrong continues to refute doping claims

London: A defiant Lance Armstrong has rebutted the doping claims by the US Anti-Doping Agency (USADA), which accuse of him taking drugs during his Tour de France years.

“I won the Tour de France seven times,” Armstrong was quoted as telling throngs of supporters during a Montreal cancer conference by a website.

The US cycling icon and cancer survivor maybe stripped of his 7 titles after he declined to fight the charges made by the USADA and withdrew from taking his case into arbitration.

“My name is Lance Armstrong, I`m a cancer survivor... and yes, I won the Tour de France seven times. And for those who don`t know what I`m talking about, I love you,” Armstrong told the crowd during the World Cancer Congress in Montreal.

He told the conference delegates that there is still "too much to be done" in the fight against cancer and that "we can`t be distracted," alluding to the doping scandal, the report said.

Armstrong’s Livestrong campaign has collected nearly 500 million dollars for cancer research and helping people cope with the disease, it added.