Dutee Chand eclipses National 100m women`s record

Updated: Jul 13, 2012, 20:20 PM IST

Bangalore: Dutee Chand of Orissa smashed the National and meet records with two blistering runs while winning the girls` 100 metres sprint in the 9th National Youth Athletics championship on Friday, clocking 11.85 seconds in the final, slightly slower than her 11.80 in the semi-final heat.

Chand`s timing eclipsed the National and meet record of 12.08 seconds that was set by her statemate Rengitha Mahanta two years ago.

Augustine Yesudas of Tamil Nadu emerged the fastest boy of the meet with a 10.79 seconds effort that erased the previous best of 10.93. Second and third placed Jeris Jose of Kerala (10.90) and Punjab`s Husan Deep Singh (10.92) also went under the seven-year old record.

Yesudas had clocked 10.92 seconds in the semi-final heat to improve on the Meet record before stepping up the pace in the final. However, he fell short of the National record of 10.78 set in 2005.

Kerala girl Nayana James also bettered the Meet record of 5.87m in the long jump event with an effort of 5.94 in her very first attempt while fouling three of the remaining five jumps.

The results:

Boys - 100M: Augustine Yesudas (TN) 1 (10.79secs; NMR. Old: 10.93secs); Jeris Jose (Kerala) 2 (10.90secs); Husan Deep Singh (Punj) 3 (10.92secs). 1,500 M: Muhammed Afsal (Kerala) 1 (3:59.88secs); Prem Kunj (Mah) 2 (4:00.43); Satish (Har) 3 (4:06.10). 400M Hurdles: Satish Pasala (Mah) 1 (53.01); Arjun Gangadhar (Kerala) 2 (54.09); B Kantha Rao (AP) 3 (54.61). Shot putt: Monu (Har) 1 (16.80M); Prince Upadhyay (UP) 2 (16.14M); Sairaj (Kar) 3 (15.15M). Long jump: Virender (Del) 1 (7.22M); Anbu Raja (TN) 2 (7.14M); Suraj Mandala (Kar) 3 (7.00M).

Girls - 100M: Dutee Chand (Ori) 1 (11.85secs; NNR and NMR. Old: 12.08secs); Himashree Roy (WB) 2 (12.13secs); Ruma Sarkar (WB) 3 (12.15secs). 100M Medley: West Bengal 1 (2:18.88); Kerala A 2 (2:19.56); Tamil Nadu A 3 (2:23.34). 1,500 M: Parul Chaudhary (UP) 1 (4:48.36); Komal Chaudhary (Har) 2 (4:53.43); Vipitha PD (Kerala) 3 (4:48.37). Long jump: Nayana James (Kerala) 1 (5.94M; NMR. Old: 5.87M); Jenimol Joy (Kerala) 2 (5.76M); Praneetha Pradeep (Kar) 3 (5.74M). Shot putt: Rakhi (Har) 1 (13.77M); Subhashini (TN) 2 (12.77M); Ranjana Narayan Badri (Kar) 3 (11.82M).