England confirms taking part in Delhi Games 2010

Updated: Apr 28, 2010, 17:17 PM IST

London: England are convinced that security would not be an issue at the Commonwealth Games in India as the hosts have impressed with the "first-class" arrangements at the ongoing test events in New Delhi.

Commonwealth Games England will write to all governing bodies of England giving assurances about security and making it clear there is no intention of pulling out of the event.

"We are writing to the sports with a synopsis of the security paper put to our board recently and that includes the ongoing security advice and the security that was present for the test events in Delhi last month," a spokeswoman for Commonwealth Games England was quoted as saying.

"The security at those events was first-class and this should be reassuring to all the sports. There has never been any suggestion by us that we would not send a team and we are definitely going."

Around 400 English athletes are expected to take part in the October 3-14 event. Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales will send separate teams.

Commonwealth Games England chairman Sir Andrew Foster said his country was looking forward to a successful campaign in New Delhi.

"England`s intention is to compete at the Games and we are currently making arrangements to create the best possible environment for success in Delhi. Security is something we and the Delhi 2010 organising committee take very seriously. We have taken, and will continue to take, expert advice on the situation," he told reporters.