England fans riled over team’s new football kit

London: England football fans have objected to the new football kit unveiled by Umbro, with some even terming the new kit as ‘essentially a plain white T-shirt’. Fans have also criticized the cost of the new football kit with one of the fans, Peter McPartland tweeting: “Another new England home kit – skint.”

Londoner David Tunstan added, “It really looks the same as the last one and the one before that.” “Red star, red lions. Not for me. But I’ll buy it as always I suppose,” The Daily Star quoted former Liverpool player Stan Collymore, as saying. Another fan, Jason J, from Herts, said: “How many kits have England brought out in the past years? Too many... And they all look the same.” Siobhan Freegard, of Netmums, has accused the FA of ‘money-grabbing’ and said: “The cost is a disgrace, but then changing it again after just eight games is a rip-off.”

The football kit will be worn for the first time next Wednesday in England’s friendly with Holland at Wembley. Meanwhile, Umbro has tried to justify the launch of the new kit for the Three Lions.

Umbro said: The new kit is launched at the end of an 18-month cycle which the last few kits have all run for. The number of games for which the kit is worn is entirely down to the fixture list during the cycle.”