Ex-NBA player `regrets` going on `eerie` trip with Rodman to meet Kim Jong-un

Washington: A Former American basketball player has said that he regrets going on the `eerie` diplomacy trip to North Korea with the controversial Dennis Rodman to meet Kim Jong-un.

Former NBA player Vin Baker traveled to North Korea with Rodman and seven additional former NBA All-Star players in January to play an exhibition game against the North Korean basketball team, after which they were introduced to the North Korean leader.

According to The Huffington Post, Baker said that he was `shocked, surprised, disappointed and hurt` following the controversial trip, adding that he believes in hindsight, most of the players who went in that trip would have given it a second thought.

Stating that all of them shook Kim`s hand as a team, Baker recalled that the trip was very `eerie` as they were sort of `rushed off the floor` after the game in a straight line by the time Kim walked down from his booth to shake his hand, adding that there was no applause even during the game due to the `strong demanding presence` of Kim.