FIH planning to introduce 2 wild card entries in CT: Bajwa

Karachi: The International Hockey Federation
is planning to introduce two wild card entries in the
Champions Trophy from next year which will increase the number
of competing teams in the prestigious event from six to eight,
Pakistan Hockey Federation secretary Asif Bajwa said today.

Bajwa, who had attended the FIH`s competition committee`s
meeting in Singapore recently, told reporters that there was a
proposal to introduce two wild card entries in the Champions
Trophy from 2011 or 2012.

"The matter was discussed at the competition`s committee
meeting and the committee has now recommended that teams in
the Champions Trophy be increased to eight with two wild card
entries," he said.

India and Pakistan have been pushing for the wildcard
system in the Champions Trophy after failing to qualify for
the prestigious FIH event in recent years due to poor

Bajwa also said the FIH competition committee had
recommended a world series of 24 teams from all the four

"The proposal is to have 24 teams from Asia/Oceania,
Europe, Panamerica/Africa continents with the tournament
continuing between major events like the World Cup or
Champions Trophy," he said.

Bajwa, a former Olympian, said the idea was to increase
the popularity of hockey globally.

He said that the recommendations of the competitions
committee would be discussed at the next Executive Board
meeting of the FIH.

Meanwhile, the PHF secretary also said that Pakistan
would be appointing a foreign coach for the national team
later this month.



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