Five basketball coaching courses on offer by FIBA, BFI

New Delhi: With the assistance and guidance of the International Basketball Federation (FIBA), the Basketball Federation of India (BFI) and its state association`s will be conducting five coaching certification courses through August and September this year.

This marks the second time the BFI has organised such courses, having hosted two in December 2013 and a couple more in March this year.

Veteran FIBA instructor Nelson Isley, who taught all 4 previous coaching clinics, will once again be travelling to India to train the young, up-and-coming coaches.

Coach Isley has over 7 years of professional playing experience across the world and over 38 years of coaching experience, including his most recent stop as Head Coach/Technical Director of the Mozambique Women`s National Team in 2006.

Coach Isley has travelled the globe teaching the FIBA Coaching Certification Courses in various nations, including Nicaragua, Singapore, Guatemala and Malaysia.

Of the five courses, four will be Level 1 providing the basics to beginner coaches and one will be Level 2, allowing the coaches who passed Level 1 in the previous four courses to obtain the next level of certification

The Level 1 course focuses on teaching the basics of basketball to players age 8-14. Level 2 teaches the intermediate level of basketball, focusing on players 15-19.

Over 120 coaches from across the country are expected to participate in the clinics.