Former IBF champ Amir Khan demands boxing-ban on ‘drug cheat’ Lamont Peterson

Updated: Jun 01, 2012, 17:33 PM IST

London : Former IBF welterweight champion Amir Khan has said that Lamont Peterson should be banned from boxing for taking performance-enhancing drugs.

“He should be banned, because he nearly ruined my life, he could have ruined my life, so I really think he should be banned, and that will send a message out to fighters across the world that they shouldn`t take any substances,” Khan said.

During an open training session ahead of his WBC title fight against Danny Garcia in Las Vegas on July 14th, Khan said that Peterson ‘put both fighters’ lives at risk when he took a banned substance before their world title fight last year.

“He put my life to risk, he put his own life to risk as well because taking punishment, he took a lot of punishment in that fight,” he said.

Peterson, who controversially beat Khan in December to capture the Bolton fighter`s WBA and IBF titles, had tested positive for a banned steroid.

The American boxing star then admitted he had testosterone pellets implanted under his skin for the first fight.

“At the end of the day it`s a sport, it`s not a war or anything, it`s not a fight, well not a real fight, it`s a sport, you`ve got to stick to the rules and he didn`t. Because he didn`t stick to the rules I really believe he should be banned,” Khan outlined.

The British boxer was due for a rematch with Peterson eleven days ago, but the fight was cancelled after Peterson failed a drug test.