From the WWE Diva world! Kelly trumps Natalya

Zeenews Sports Bureau

New York: The world of WWE Divas turned up yet another memorable match that was a treat for sure. First, it was Beth Phoenix who picked up a victory for Team Vegetables on Raw. Then came the turn of Divas Champion Kelly Kelly, who levelled the score on SmackDown, picking up a point for Team Candy.

In the final moments of the match between Natalya and Kelly, a pin attempt by Natalya came first but could not materialize into a three count. Natalya then applied a chin lock and backed Kelly Kelly onto the ropes and tried to intimidate her with some swearing.

However, the tables were turned around as Kelly got infuriated and began to fight back with a big slap to the face. However, before a momentum could be built upon, Natalya hoisted K2 over her shoulders and began spinning on the spot before tossing the opponent over the top rope.

Not to be outdone, Kelly managed to hang on to the apron and came back with a shoulder tackle through the ring ropes and then she attempted a sunset flip but Natalya managed to roll through and in fact, was in the right position to execute her finishing move- The Sharpshooter.

However, before Natalya could lock K2 in her signature submission, Kelly managed to roll herself up into a small package and took the victory. After the win, Beth ran into the ring and began laying in some vicious strikes but K2 fled to safety, leaving a fuming Natalya in the ring.

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