Good start for Indians in World Junior Chess

Chotowa-Czarna: Third seeded Indian
Grandmaster Parimarjan Negi earned full point after getting a
walk over in the opening round of the World Junior Chess
Championship here.

In what can be termed a good beginning for the Indian
contingent, Sagar Shah was the only blot as he lost his
opening game while S P Sethuraman, who is fresh from a fine
performance at the Czech Open, had to settle for a draw.

However, M R Lalith Babu, Swapnil Dhopade and Anwesh
Upadhyay cruised to fine victories over their respective

In the girls` championship being organised
simultaneously, B Pratyusha caused a mild flutter when she
held sixth seed Sopiko Guramishvili of Georgia to a draw.
Amongst the other two Indian contestants, Padmini Rout got off
to a flier against her lower rated opponent in the first round
while Bhakti Kulkarni conceded half point.

Sethuraman was in for an opening surprise in the Nimzo
Indian defense as Shiyam Thavandiran of Canada went for less
trodden paths very early with black pieces.

The Indian got a decent advantage in the middle game
where he had superior space control but as the game progressed
further complications became inevitable after a piece
sacrifice by the Canadian.

Sethuraman had to return the piece after which his extra
pawn just about compensated for his opponent`s activity. The
game was drawn in 59 moves.

Anwesh played a fine game to outwit Florian Pierard of
Belgium. Up against a Slav defense, Upadhyay got a miniscule
advantage out of the opening and nurtured it in exemplary

The Indian came up with a spectacular pawn sacrifice that
opened black`s king side and white pieces simply rolled on the
black king thereafter. Updhyay won in 35 moves.

Swapnil also faced the Slav defense with white pieces
against Vladimir Lukovic of Serbia and his` too was a fine
effort after early trade of queens.

Lukovic missed a fine piece sacrifice that led to loss of
heavy material and called it a day in 34 moves.
Lalith Babu took just 24 moves to brush aside the
challenge of local hopeful Radoslaw Barski from a Caro Kann
defense where the former played black.

Barski went for unwarranted complications leading to a
mistimed attack on the king side and Lalith Babu won his queen
for little compensation.