Gujrathi holds Hracek, but slips to fourth spot

Varna (Bulgaria): Indian Grandmaster Vidit Gujrathi managed to secure a draw against overnight joint leader Zybnyk Hracek of Czech Republic in the seventh round but dropped to the fourth position at the Grand Europe Golden Sands Chess Tournament here.

Playing the white side of a Queen`s gambit declined, Gujrathi did not give any chance to Hracek and was seen pushing for initiative after both sides had castled on the queen side.

However, before Gujrathi could inflict a serious damage, Hracek was quick to spot a perpetual check that helped him remain in joint lead on six points.

Mils Grandelius of Sweden and Macedonian Vladimir Georgiev share the lead with Hracek. Gujrathi is positioned fourth now along side compatriot S Arun Prasad and four others.

After a third round loss, Arun Prasad has made a fine comeback. In the seventh round he had little troubles holding Dragisa Blagojevic of Montenegro to a draw.

Abhijeet Gupta tried but G N Gopal remained agile to earn a draw in the all-Indian affair.
Playing black Gupta employed the Berlin defense and after some technical display in the middle game, Gopal reached a pawn less rook endgame.

Gupta thought he had chances but Gopal`s judgement proved perfect as he squeezed out a draw in 40 moves without any problems.

Gupta and Gopal moved to five points a tally also matched by Indian Grandmasters M R Venkatesh and Sahaj Grover, International Master Ashwin Jayaram and National women`s champion Mary Ann Gomes who had a terrific victory in the seventh round against Argentinean GM Mareco Sandro.

In the eighth and penultimate round of this 40000 Euros prize money tournament, Gujrathi faces a tough contender in Vladislav Nevednichy of Romania while Arun Prasad will be up against against Yuri Solodovnichenko of Ukraine.

A little lower, another all-Indian duel will be in action when Abhijeet Gupta takes on Sahaj Grover.

Important and Indian results after Round 7 (Indians unless stated): Vidit Gujrathi (5.5) drew with Zbynyk Hracek (CZE, 6); Vladislav Nevednichy (ROU, 5.5) lost to Nils Grandelius (SWE, 6); Vitaliy Bernadskiy (UKR, 5) lost to Vladimir Georgiev (BUL, 6); Dragisa Blagojevic (MNE, 5.5) drew with S Arun Prasad (5.5); Deep Sengupta (5) drew with Tigran Petrosian (ARM, 5); G N Gopal (5) drew with Abhijeet Gupta (5); Tamir Nabaty (ISR, 5) drew with Ashwin Jayaram (5); M R Venkatesh (5) drew with Vasil Spasov (BUL, 5); N Srinath (4.5) lost to Mircea-Emilian Parligras (ROU, 5); Mary Ann Gomes (5) beat Sandro Mareco (ARG, 4); Eesha Karavade (4.5) drew with M Shyam Sundar (4.5); Anurag Mhamal (4) lost to Natalija Pogonina (RUS, 5); Petar Drenchev (BUL, 4.5) drew with Shardul Gagare (4.5); Debashis Das (4) lost to Georgios Goumas (GER, 5); G A Stany (4) lost to Sahaj Grover (5); G Akash (4.5) drew with Diptayan Ghosh (4.5); Swapnil Dhopade (4) lost to Srdjan Cvetkovic (SRB, 5); Sagar Shah (4.5) drew with Timofey Galinsk (4.5); Boris Chatalbashev (BUL, 4.5) beat Sayantan Das (3.5); Ivaljo Enchev (BUL, 4) drew with Nisha Mohota (4); Bhakti Kulkarni (4.5) beat Umut Atakisi (3.5); Irine Kharisma Sukandar (INA, 4) beat Kiran Manisha Mohanty (3); Aravindh Chithambaram (4) beat Boil Banov (BUL, 3); Soumya Swaminathan (3.5) drew with Rucha Pujari (3.5); Parnali Dharia (3) lost to Elitsa Raeva (BUL, 4); Arda Canbulan (TUR, 3) lost to Sidhant Mohapatra (4); Vasilij Gagarin (RUS, 3.5) beat Gireman Ja (2.5); Michael Tscharotschkin (GER, 3.5) beat R Bharathi (2.5); R Vaishali (3.5) beat Alexander Kiselev (RUS, 2.5); David Gavrilescu (ROU, 2) lost to N Raghavi (3); Dejan Dimitrov (BUL, 3) beat Y Saranya (2); Riya Savant (3) beat Elena Bulmaga (ROU, 2); Srija Seshadri (3) beat Sylvia Chidi Lovinia (GER, 2).