I am broke: Mike Tyson

Updated: May 09, 2010, 14:46 PM IST

London: Retired boxing champ Mike Tyson has revealed that he was `totally broke` after years of excessive spending. However, he insisted he was still happy.

Tyson said he was struggling to make ends meet, despite recently scoring his own reality TV show `Take On Tyson`, reports a website.

However, Tyson admits that he was happy with his frugal way of living and is simply thankful to have been given a second chance at life with his third wife Lakiha Spicer.

"I`m totally destitute and broke. But I have an awesome life, I have an awesome wife who cares about me," he said during an interview on a talk show.

Asked if he had enough money in the bank, Tyson replied: "No, I`m totally broke. I had a lot of fun. It (going broke) just happened. I`m very grateful. I don`t deserve to have the wife that I have; I don`t deserve the kids that I have, but I do, and I`m very grateful."

Tyson is dad to five children from various relationships, including his 16-month-old daughter, Milan, with Spicer.

He has been marred by a series of alcohol and drug-related arrests throughout the years and his wild lifestyle away from the ring led him to file for bankruptcy in 2003.

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