Ice skating camp draws enthusiasts to Shimla

Shimla: Ice hockey enthusiasts took part in a six-day long coaching camp on an open air ice skating rink here.

Over 20 players took part in the training camp, which was organised by Indian Ice Hockey Association.

The only open air ice skating rink on semi natural ice draws crowd of local residents and tourists every year.

During the camp, players were quite enthusiastic to receive training from the head coach of the Indian National Ice Hockey Team, Adam Sherlip.

After getting selected from this camp, the players would be selected for the international level development camp of ice hockey to be held in March in Taiwan.

"I think it`s important to be training the kids in ice hockey - indoors or outdoors - but to connect them to what it takes to make this surface, for them to know that ice quality is different every single day because you`re affected by the weather and to appreciate those days where you get a really good skate because ice which is a little bit harder and the weather is just perfect. It makes you appreciate things a little bit more," said Sherlip.

Ice hockey player Gamandeep Singh said that coaching was important as it is important to learn the skills and nitty-gritty of the game.

"Coaching is very important over here because new kids have a craze to learn new things. Now-a-days we are learning ice hockey skills. We are improving ourselves," said Singh.

Gamandeep Singh was the goalkeeper who played in the Championship Cup in 2012.

Although the organisers in Shimla were happy with the response they, they hoped for an all-weather ice rink.