IBL: Awadhe Warriors' PV Sindhu defeats Mumbai Masters' Tine Baun

Zee Media Bureau/Suyash Srivastava

Bangalore: Awadhe Warriors' PV Sindhu defeated Tine Baun of Mumbai Masters 21-12, 19-21, 11-8 on Day 9 of the Indian Badminton League.

Sindhu comprehensively won the first game 21-12 and Tine Baun wasn't looking at her best. She was trailing by four points even in the second game, but she made a good comeback and won the second game 21-19.

The decider was once again a close contest, but Sindhu emerged victorious as a result of too many unforced errors from Tine Baun.

With this win, the tie between the two teams is 1-1.



# Baun loses the match as she hits a smash which is very wide.

# Baun saves one match point, 8-10.

# Baun's backhand hits the nets, 10-7, three match points for Sindhu.

# Cross court smash from Baun this time, she wins a point, 7-9.

# Good cross court smash from Sindhu, 9-6 she leads.

# Another point won by Sindhu, Baun's shot goes wide, Sindhu leads 8-6.

# Good rally, but Baun's smash goes wide, Sindhu leads 7-6.

# Good down the line smash from Sindhu, 6-6.

# Baun wins another point, Sindhu's shot goes wide. Baun leads 6-5 in the final break of the third game.

# Baun wins a point, 5-5.

# Sindhu wins another point, she leads 5-4 after Baun's shot finds the net.

# In what could be the rally of the match, Sindhu wins the point with some terrific play at the nets, 4-4.

# Sindhu wins a point as Baun's shot goes wide, 3-4.

# Baun now leads 4-2.

# Some deceptive play from Baun, she leads 3-2.

# Baun wins another point, 2-2.

# Baun wins a point, 1-2.

# Sindhu wins first two points, 2-0.


Good comeback from Baun. She was trailing by four points. She not only covered the deficit but also went on to win the game.

2ND GAME: BAUN wins it 21-19

# Cracking smash from Baun, and Sindhu fell to her right, Baun wins the game 21-19.

# Sindhu saves the first game point, 19-20.

# Good judgement from Baun, 20-18, game point for Baun.

# Good play from Baun, she makes Sindhu cover the entire court, 19-18.

# Good backhand smash from Baun, 18-18.

# Baun's shot lands long, 18-17 lead for Sindhu.

# Sindhu's shot lands long, scores level - 17-17.

# Good judgement from Baun this time, 16-17.

# Baun wins a point, 15-17.

# Baun's shot lands in, 14-17.

# Sindhu leads 17-13.

#Good judgement from Sindhu again, she leads 16-13.

# Point for Baun, 13-15.

# Sindhu wins another point, 15-12.

# Baun's return of smash lands short, Sindhu leads 14-12 at the second break.

# Aggressive smash from Baun, 12-13.

# Cross court smash from Baun once again lands wide, 13-11 lead for Sindhu.

# Baun's shot once again goes wide, 12-11 lead for Sindhu.

# Baun's shot goes wide, 11-11.

# Good aggressive smash from Baun, 11-10 she leads.

# Another good judgement from Sindhu, 10-10.

# Sindhu's smash falls long, Baun leads 10-9.

# Sindhu's shot goes long, third consecutive point for Baun, scores level 9-9.

# Another point for Baun, 8-9.

# Sindhu's shot goes wide, 7-9.

# Another point for Sindhu, 9-6 she leads.

# Sindhu wins two more points, 8-6.

# Sindhu leads 7-5 at the end of the first break in the second game.

# Baun wins the next point, 5-6.

# Good smash from Sindhu, 6-4 she leads.

# Sindhu's smash goes wide, 4-5.

# Another good smash from Sindhu. Baun isn't moving on the court at the moment, 5-3.

# Back-to-back smashes from Sindhu wins her another point, 4-3 she leads.

# Good judgement from Sindhu, 3-3.

# Good net play from Baun, 3-2 she leads now.

# Bad serve from Baun, 2-2.

# Good smash from Baun, 2-1 she leads.

# Sindhu wins the next point, 1-1.

# Baun with the first point, 1-0.



# Sindhu wins the first game, 21-12 in 13 minutes.

# Baun's serve lands long, 14-9 for Sindhu.

# Baun wins two points, 13-9.

# Sindhu wins another point, 13-7.

# Both the players win a point each, 12-7.

# Good down the line smash from Sindhu, 11-6.

# Sindhu misjudges a shot, 6-10.

# Baun's return goes wide, 10-5.

# Good smash from Sindhu, 9-5.

# Baun wins a point, 5-8.

# Sindhu wins another point, 8-4.

# Sindhu leads at 7-4, Baun's return found the nets. Good comeback from Sindhu. She was trailing 2-4.

# Sindhu wins three points, now leads 6-4.

# Sindhu wins a point, 4-3.

# Baun now leads 4-2.

# Sindhu's cross court smash goes wide, 2-2.

# Sindhu now leads 2-1 as Baun's return falls short.

# Sindhu wins the next point, 1-1.

# Baun wins the first point after Sindhu's smash goes wiode, 1-0 she leads.

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