IBL Final: K Srikanth defeats S Tanongsak, Awadhe Warriors lead 1-0

Zee Media Bureau/Suyash Srivastava

Mumbai: As Hyderabad Hotshots took on Awadhe Warriors in the Indian Badminton League final on Saturday, Awadhe Warriors' K Srikanth got his side to a terrific start as he defeated S Tanongsak 21-12, 21-20.

Tanongsak had been unbeaten in the tournament but Srikanth stunned him with his aggressive play. Tanongsak was looking clueless in the second game where he was trailing 5-13 at one stage. Srikanth lost his focus at that stage and towards the end, both the players had a game point each and Srikanth sealed the match with a cross court smash.

Awadhe Warriors now lead 1-0 against Hyderabad Hotshots in the IBL Final.


2nd GAME: SRIKANTH wins it 21-10


# Good dribble from Srikanth, GAME POINT FOR SRIKANTH AS WELL, 20-20

# Srikanth tries another smash, finds the net this time, GAME POINT FOR TANONGSAK! 20-19.

# RALLY OF THE MATCH ended when Srikanth executed a perfect cross court smash, 19-19.

# Good dribble by Tanongsak, Srikanth's shot finds the net, 19-18 lead for Tanongsak.

# Cross court smash from Srikanth once again goes wide, 18-18.

# Point for Srikanth, Tanongsak's shot went out, 18-17.

# Wrong shot from Srikanth, 17-17. WHAT A COMEBACK FROM TANONGSAK!

# Srikanth's smash goes below the nets! 16-17.

# Srikanth's smash goes wide, 15-17.

# Tanongsak's shot is short, 17-14.

# Srikanth falls on the court after a tremendous rally, Tanongsak had ample time to target his area in the court, 14-16.

# Point won by Srikanth, 16-13.

# Srikanth's return of smash hits the nets, 13-15.

# Good play from Tanongsak once again, 12-15.

# Smash from Tanongsak, 11-15.

# Good dribble from Tanongsak, 10-15.

# Srikanth's drop shot falls short, 9-15.

# Tanongsak's smash goes wide, 15-8.

# Good reflexes from Srikanth, he now leads 14-8 at second break.

# Good body smash from Tanongsak, 8-13.

# Tanongsak wins another point, 7-13.

# Tanongsak wins a point, 6-13.

# Good down the line smash from Srikanth, WHAT A SMASH! 13-5

# Point won by Tanongsak, good play at the nets by him, 5-12.

# Wrong judgement from Srikanth, 4-12.

# Point for Srikanth, 12-3.

# Good play once again from Srikanth, his opponent has almost given up, 11-3.

# Another point for Srikanth, 10-3.

# Srikanth's backhand falls in, Tanongsak misjudges again, 9-3.

# Again Tanongsak's fails at the nets, 8-3 Srikanth leads now.

# Terrific cross court smash from Srikanth, 7-3 he leads at the first break.

# This time Srikanth's deception doesn't work, 3-6.

# Good play once again at the nets from Srikanth, 6-2.

# Second point for Tanongsak, 2-5.

# Tanongsak wins a point, 1-5.

# Tanongsak's shot falls short, 5-0.

# Good deception from Srikanth, 4-0.

# Cross court smash from Srikanth, 3-0.

# Another point for Srikanth, good return of serve, 2-0.

# Srikanth wins the first point, 1-0.


1st GAME:

# And Srikanth wins the first game 21-12 with a cross court smash.

# Tanongsak wins a point, 12-20.

# Tanongsak's shot goes long, game point for Srikant, 20-11.

# Shuttle is in, wrong judgement from Tanongsak, 19-11 lead for Srikant.

# Good smash from Tanongsak, 11-18.

# Srikant controlling the game, 18-10 he leads.

# Srikant wins two more points, 17-10.

# Another point for Srikant, 15-10.

# Good dribble from Srikant once again, 14-10 Srikant leads at second break. Srikant is up for a fight against his unbeaten opponent.

# Point for Tanongsak, 10-13.

# Error of judgement from Tanongsak, 13-9.

# Another point for Srikanth at the nets, 12-9 he leads.

# Srikant's shot goes long, 9-11.

# Good smash from Srikanth, but it goes wide, 8-11.

# Point for Tanongsak, 7-11.

# Another point for Srikanth, 11-6.

# Back-to-back smashes from Tanongsak, 6-10.

# Aggression from Srikanth, 10-5 he leads now.

# Good play at the nets from Srikanth, 9-5 he leads now.

# Good serve from Srikanth, 8-5.

# Another point for Srikanth, he leads 7-5 at first break.

# Point for Srikanth, 6-5 he leads.

# Point for Tanongsak, 5-5.

# Good body smash from Srikanth, he now leads 5-4.

# Another point for Srikanth, 4-4.

# Good dribble from Srikanth, 3-4.

# Tanongsak wins a point, 4-2.

# Another smash that goes wide for Tanongsak this time, 3-2.

# Another smash from Tanongsak, 3-1.

# Tanongsak loses a point, 1-2.

# Another smash from Tanongsak, another point 2-0 he leads.

# Tanongsak wins the first point with a powerful smash, 1-0 he leads.


S Tanongsak has been unbeaten in the tournament while 20-year-old K Srikanth has impressed everybody in the tournament.

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