IBL: Saina Nehwal defeats Tai Tzu Ying to win fifth successive match

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Hyderabad: Ace Indian shuttler Saina Nehwal defeated Tai Tzu Ying 21-17, 14-21, 11-8 on Day 12 of the Indian Badminton League in the last league match of the tournament. This was Saina's fifth successive win.


3rd GAME:

# Saina wins the match, her fifth in IBL, after Ying's return of serve went wide.

# Ying loses a point with a wrong judgement, 10-8. Two match points for Saina Nehwal.

# Ying wins a point, 8-9.

# Good cross court smash from Saina, she leads 9-7.

# Ying wins a point, 7-8.

# Ying fails to pick Saina's smash, 8-6 lead for Saina.

# Ying wins a point after Saina's dribble hits the nets, 6-7.

# Good deception from Saina, she leads 7-5.

# Ying's backhand goes wide, 6-5 lead for Saina at the first break point of the decider.

# Saina's return is short this time, scores level 5-5.

# Good aggression from Ying, 4-5.

# Ying's smash goes wide, Saina leads 5-3.

# Saina wins another point after Ying's shot goes long, 4-3 lead for Saina.

# Good rally between the two and once again, Ying's deception cost her a point, scores level 3-3.

# Ying's drop shot falls short, 2-3.

#Good smash from Ying, 3-1.

# Good cross court smash from Saina, 1-2.

# Ying wins another point, 2-0.

# Ying wins a point, 1-0.


Ying has brought Saina under some sort of pressure in front of her home ground by bouncing back to win the second game.

2nd GAME:: YING won it 21-14

# And Ying wins the game 21-14.

# Saina's shot goes long, game point for Zing. Six of them, 20-14.

# Ying is targeting Saina's backhand, wins another point, 19-14.

# Ying wins another point after a good rally, 18-14.

# Excellent backhand from Ying, 17-14. Saina was clueless there.

# Saina wins a point, 14-16.

# Ying wins another point after Saina makes an error of judgement, 16-13.

# Rally of the match between the two, it ended when Ying's forehand went long, 13-15.

# Ying wins a point, 15-12 she leads.

# Saina wins a point with a down the line smash, 12-14.

# Aggression from Ying once again, she leads 14-11 at the second break point.

# Good play at the nets from Ying, she leads 13-11.

# Saina's cross court smash goes wide, 12-11 lead for Ying.

# Ying wins a close call, 11-11.

# Good cross court smash from Saina, 11-10 she leads.

# Ying's shot goes wide, 9-10.

# Ying wins a point, 10-8.

# Good judgement from Ying, 9-8 she leads.

# Saina's smash once again finds the net, 8-8.

# Good down the line smash from Saina once again, 8-7 she leads.

# Saina wins a point to level score 7-7.

# Ying wins a point, 7-6 she leads at the first break.

# Good smash from Saina this time, 6-6.

# Saina's smash hits the net, Ying leads 6-5.

# Saina wins another point, 5-5.

# Good deception from Saina, she leads 5-4.

# Good smash from Ying this time, she leads 5-3.

# Saina's shot goes wide, Ying leads 4-3.

# Ying wins another point, 3-3.

# Ying wins a point, 2-3.

# Saina wins another point, 3-1.

# Aggression from Saina, she leads 2-1.

# Yings wins the next point, 1-1.

# Saina wins the first point, 1-0.


1st GAME:: SAINA WON IT 21-17

# Saina wins the game after Ying's shot hits the nets, 21-17.

# Saina reaches game point with a smash, 20-17. Three game points for Saina.

# Good aggressive smash from Saina, 19-17 she leads.

# Ying wins a point, 17-18. Saina wasn't happy with that call.

# Good play at the nets by Saina, she now leads 18-16.

# More aggressive play from Ying, 16-17.

# Saina's return of serve goes wide, 15-17.

# Deception from Ying, wins a point, 14-17.

# Ying's shot goes wide, 17-13.

# Good judgement from Ying, 13-16.

# Good body smash from Ying, 12-16.

# Good drop shot from Saina, 16-11.

# Good play at the nets from Ying, good dribble, 11-15.

# Saina wins another point, 15-10.

# Saina wins a point after back-to-back smashes, she now leads 14-10 at second break point.

# Saina's smash hits the net, 11-13.

# Good play from Ying after a superb rally, she wins the point, 10-13.

# Ying's smash goes wide, 13-9 lead for Saina.

# Good smash from Saina, 12-8.

# Ying wins a point as Saina's shot is wide, 8-11.

# Saina eyes Ying's backhand, wins another point 11-7.

# Ying wins another point, 7-10.

# Ying wins a point, 6-10.

# Saina wins another point, 10-5.

# Saina wins a point, 9-5.

# Ying wins a point, 5-8.

# Saina leads 8-4.

# Good deception from Ying but her shot goes wide, Saina leads 7-4 at first break point.

# Saina wins a point after Ying's shot falls short, 6-4 lead for Saina.

# Ying this time wins a point with some deception, 4-5.

# Ying's shot goes wide, Saina leads 5-3.

# Ying wins a point after Saina makes a wrong judgement, 3-4.

# Saina wins another point, leads 4-2.

# Good deception from Saina, good play the nets, 3-2 she leads.

# Saina wins a point, 2-2.

# Ying wins another point, leads 2-1.

# Saina wins a point, 1-1.

# Saina to serve. Ying wins the first point as Saina's smash goes wide, 1-0 lead for Ying.


The crowd came to watch her local star play and Saina will be under some sort of pressure to play before her home crowd. Hyderabad Hotshots are leading their tie 1-0 against Banga Beats.

Saina Nehwal is still unbeaten in IBL 2013 where she has won four consecutive matches for Hyderabad Hotshots.

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