IBL: Saina Nehwal storms past PC Thulasi to win fourth successive match

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Pune: Saina Nehwal continued her winning run in the Indian Badminton League (IBL) as she stormed past PC Thulasi in straight games and registered her fourth consecutive win in the tournament. Saina won the match 21-7, 21-10.


2nd Game: SAINA WINS 21-10

# Saina wins the point as Thulasi's fails to return her down the line smash.

# Good deception from Thulasi, 10-20.

# Cross court drop shot from Saina, 20-9, match point.

# Saina's cross court smash goes wide, 9-19.

# Good body smash from Thulasi, 8-19.

# Cross court smash from Saina, 19-7.

# Another point for PC, Saina's shot goes wide, 18-7.

# Short serve from Saina, 18-6.

# Good smash from Saina, 18-5.

# This time PC's shot is wide, 5-17.

# Cross court smash from Thulari, 16-5.

# Back-to-back smashes from Thulasi and she wins a point, 16-4.

# Thulasi's return of serve goes wide, 16-3.

# Saina wins another point, 15-3.

# Saina now leads 14-3. Thulasi is probably waiting for the match to end.

# Cross court smash from Saina, 13-3.

# Tremendous smash from Saina, 12-3.

# Good play at the nets by PC, Saina's return hits the net, 3-11.

# Saina now leads 11-2.

# PC's isn't hitting any good shots at the moment, another shot of hers hits the net, 10-2.

# Saina extends her lead to 9-2.

# Saina wins another point, 8-2.

# Another down the line smash from Saina. PC is looking clueless here, 7-2. Saina maintains a big lead at the first break in the second game.

# Another down the line smash from Saina, 6-2.

# Saina wins another point, 5-2.

# Good body smash from Saina, 4-2.

# Good net play by PC, she wins a point, 2-3.

# PC's return of serve is wide, 3-1.

# Thulasi's smash hits the net, Saina leads 2-1.

# PC's shot goes long, 1-1.

# Good smash at the nets by Thulasi, 1-0 she leads.


Thulasi has been a no show in the first game, and Saina is cruising towards her fourth successive victory in the tournament.


1st Game: SAINA WINS IT 21-7

# Good down the line smash from Saina, she wins the first game, 21-7.

# This time Saina's shot hits the nets, 7-20.

# Thulasi's return goes wide, 20-6.

# PC's shot once again finds the net, 19-6.

# Saina leads 18-6.

# Saina extends her lead to 17-6.

# Saina wins another point, 16-6.

# Saina wins a point, 15-6.

# Aggressive smash from Saina, she leads 14-6 at second break.

# Another point for Thulasi, Saina's smash hits the net, 6-13.

# Saina extends her lead to 13-5.

# PC finally wins another point, 5-12.

# PC's return of serve goes long, Saina leads 12-4.

# PC's attempts a cross court smash, finds the net, Saina leads 11-4.

# PC's shot goes wide, Saina leads 10-4.

# Good drop shot from Saina on this occasion, she now leads 9-4.

# Saina wins another point with a good serve, she leads 8-4.

# Saina wins two more points and she now leads 7-4 at the first break. As expected, Saina has dominated the proceedings so far.

# Cross court smash from Saina, 5-4.

# Body smash from Saina, 4-4.

# PC wins a point, 4-3.

# Saina's smash wins her a point, 3-3.

# Three points in a row for PC, she leads 3-2.

# PC wins another point, 2-2.

# PC wins her first point as Saina's shot hits the net 2-1.

# Saina wins another point with a down the line smash, 2-0 she leads.

# Good rally ended when PC's shot landed wide 0-1.

PC won the toss and she decided to serve.


Ace Indian shuttler Saina Nehwal will lock horns with PC Thulasi AS Hyderabad Hotshots take on Mumbai Masters on Day 7 of the Indian Badminton League.

Saina is unbeaten in the tournament so far. She first defeated PV Sindhu in the much-hyped encounter in a convincing fashion followed by her marathon victory over Pune Pistons’ Juliane Schenk, where she won 17-21, 21-19, 11-6.

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