Indian Badminton League, Day 4: Banga Beats vs Awadhe Warriors - As it happened...

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In yet another fascinating day of IBL, we have seen some excellent matches, sets and rallies. In today’s tie Banga Beats thrashed Awadhe Warriors 4-1 in the tie. PV Sindhu was the biggest disappointment of the day, as she lost to Marin 21-16, 21-13 in straight sets.


Banga Beats defeat Awadhe Warriors 4-1

Match 5: Carsten/Marin beats Kido/Maneesha 20-21 21-16 11-8

In the final match of the day, Kido and Maneesha a mix-doubles pair of Awadhe Warriors managed to win a breathtaking first set by 21-10. In the second, pair of Carsten and Marin of Banga Beats pulled one back by winning the set 21-16. In the third and final set of 11 points Carsten and Marin won it 11-8 by using their experience. It means Banga Beats thrashed the home side Awadhe Warriors by 4-1.


Match 4: P Kashyap beats Srikanth 21-20, 11-21, 11-9

In the first set Srikanth of Awadhe Warrios managed to beat P Kashyap of Banga Beats in the tight match that ended up 21-20. In the second Kashyap showed enough maturity and pulled back the next set quite easily with 21-11. In the third set even after taking the lead of four points initially, Srikanth lost it by 9-11. And with that win Banga Beats won the tie by winning three matches out of first four.


Match 3: Kido/Boe beats Akshay/Carsten 21-14, 21-19

A much needed win for Warriors. Pair of Kido and Boe of Awadhe Warriors played exceptionally well to beat their opponents in the straight sets. In the first game Kido and Boe took the lead from the very beginning and never gave it up to win the first set quite comfortably. In the next though Akshay and Carsten gave them some tough fight, but eventually the Men's doubles pair of Awadhe Warriors beat them 21-19 to won the first game of this tie.


Match 2: Marin beats Sindhu 21-16, 21-13

Awadhe Warriors lost its second match as well. Marin of Banga Beats won the match against Sindhu in straight sets 21-16, 21-13 to give her team a 2-0 lead in the tie against Awadhe Warriors. Sindhu didn’t manage to play her natural game. It’s a big blow for Awadhe Warriors as they are playing on their home ground.


The second match of the day is between Awadhe Warriors’ PV Sindhu and Carolina Marin of Banga Beats.



Match 1: Yun beats Chong 21-11, 21-20

Set 2

#A wide shot and Yun gifts another point to Chong. After that he collects three straight points to reduce the gap to two points. Chong ends up hitting his shot to the net after a long rally and has his lead trimmed to just one point. And Yun has finally drawn level in the second set after Ching hits his shot wide (17-17). The cat and mouse chase continues as both the players are now tied at 19-19. And Yun pockets the first match for the Banga Beats winning his match against Chong in a nail biting second set 21-20.

#Back after the break and Chong raises hope with two consecutive points. He then ties the set at 8-8. He takes the lead (9-8) but Yun draws level. Chong takes the next three points and is now leading 12-9. And it is Chong who is in the lead (14-10) as we go into the second break of the second set.

#We are into set 2 now. Chong looks out of sorts here as Yun takes a lead of 3-0. Chong breaks the rut and gets one point. Chong’s shot lands outside the court giving Yun another point and the lead stretches to 6-3. And the first break of the second set is here with Yun leading 7-4.

Set 1

#Yun has now opened a lead of 7 points over Chong. He is leading 18-11. With a cross court smash, Yun pockets the first set comfortably with the scoreboard reading 21-11.

#Yun begins the game taking the first point after the break. Chong, with a drop shot, reduces the lead but is still trailing 7-9. Two unforced errors by Yun and the first set is now tied at 9-9. With a smash, Yun takes his lead to 12-9. Chong’s shot lands wide and Yun enters the second break leading t 14-10.

#Hu Yun serves but it is Chong who takes the first point. But Yun immediately takes control with a lead of 3-1. However, Yun draws level (3-3) with a cross court smash. Yun moves ahead with a smash leading 5-3. After a nice rally, Yun keeps on building his lead to 6-3. Chong claws back with two consecutive points but it is Yun who goes into the first break with a lead of 7-5.

#In the first match for today, Hu Yun of Banga Beats will take on Wei Feng Chong of Awadhe Warriors in men’s singles. UP CM Akhilesh Yadav greeted players of both the teams.

Welcome to our live coverage from the Day 4 of the 2013 Indian Badminton league.

Rising star PV Sindhu will look to leave her loss to Saina Nehwal behind when she spearheads Awadhe Warriors challenge against Banga Beats in an Indian Badminton League tie today.