Indian Badminton League, Day 6: Mumbai Masters vs Krrish Delhi Smashers - As it happened...

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MATCH 5: Lee Chon Wei/Tine Baun and Valiyaveetil Diju/ Prajakta Sawant

#Mumbai Masters have defeated Delhi Masters 4-1 after taking the third and final set of the mixed doubles tie. Score 11-5.

#Mumbai Masters leading in the final set 6-3.

#Delhi level the match 1-1 after winning the second set 21-15. The match moves to the third and final set – first team to 11 points wins.

#Delhi have extended their lead to 14-7 at the second break.

#Delhi Smashers looking for a comeback. They go with the lead at 7-2 into the first break of the second set.

#Mumbai Masters take the first set of the fifth and final encounter of the night 21-18.

#Mumbai double their lead at the second break. Score 14-7.

#Mumbai leading 7-5 at the first break.

#The fifth and final game of the night is a mixed doubles between Lee Chon Wei/Tine Baun and Valiyaveetil Diju/ Prajakta Sawant.

MATCH 4: Marc Zweibler vs Sai Praneeth

#Marc takes the set and the game 11-9 as Mumbai Masters beat Delhi Smashers 3-1.

#Marc leading 6-5 in the third set.

#Marc Zweibler pockets the second set 21-10.

#Marc running ahead of Praneeth in the second set. He is now leading by five points. Score 14-9

#Mark with a slim lead of one point at the first break in second set. Score 7-6.

# Praneeth takes the first set 21-18. Delhi slowly but steadily clawing their way back into the tie.

#Praneeth extends his lead to six points at the second break. Score 14-8

# Sai Praneeth of Delhi Smashers leading as the first break is taken. Score 7-2

#The fourth game of the night is a men’s singles between Marc Zweibler of Mumbai Masters and Sai Praneeth of Delhi Smashers.

MATCH 3: Sumeet Reddy/Manu Attri vs Kien Keat Koo/Boon Hoeng Tan


#Koo and Tan have taken the third set 11-7 and thus Delhi Smashers are still alive in tonight's encounter.

#Koo and Tan of Delhi are leading 6-5 in the third and final set. Unlike the previous two games, this is proving to be a nailbiter.


#Koo and Tan of Delhi win the second set. The match is now tied at 1-1. Score 21-14.

#Koo and Tan of Delhi are still in the lead at the second break. Score 14-10

#A slight change in the state of affairs as it is Delhi who go into the first break leading 7-4.


#Reddy and Attri of Mumbai Masters take the first set 21-14.

#Second break and Mumbai Masters are still leading 14-8.

#The duo of Reddy and Attri is leading 7-5 while going into the first break of the first set.

# Third game of the night is a men’s doubles between Sumeet Reddy/Manu Attri of Mumbai and Kien Keat Koo/Boon Hoeng Tan of Delhi.

MATCH 2:Tine Baun vs Arundhati Panthawane


#Baun has taken the second set and the match beating Arundhati of Delhi 21-13. Mumbai Masters are leading 2-0 .

#Baun has a lead of five points heading into the second and final break of the second set. She leads 14-9

#Baun leading in the second set 7-3 at the first break.


#Baun easily takes the first set 21-11

#Baun is still leading 14-6. Arundhati is proving to be a no match for the Dane.

# Baun is leading 7-2 at the first break of the first set.

#The second match of the day is between Tine Baun of Mumbai Masters and Arundhati Panthawane of Delhi Smashers.

MATCH 1: Lee Chong Wei vs Daren Liew


#And Lee Chong Wei has pocketed the second set and the match. Score 21-16.

# Just a point spiriting Wei from the victory now as Liew finds the net. Wei is smiling.

#Liew records yet another point with a powerful smash. He is trailing by three points. Score 16-19

# Wei is just two points away from sealing the first game of the night in Mumbai’s favour.

#Wei hits his shot wide gifting Liew a point. Score 16-14

#Third phase of the second set. Wei extends his lead to two points. 15-13

#And Wei goes into the second break with the lead. Score 14-13

#Liew isn’t going to make this an easy ride for the world’s best player. He leads 12-11. Her captain Jwala Gutta is pleased as well.

#A smash and Wei has drawn level! Score 12-12.

#A long rally and Wei walks away with the point. He now trails by just one point. Score 12-11

#Wei shows why he is the best in the business at the moment showing his reflexes levelling the game 9-9.

# A good judgment from Wei and he gets his seventh point of second set.

# We are into the second phase of the second set. Liew has extended his lead to three points now. Score 8-5.

# And Liew heads for the first break leading 7-5.

# Wei takes the lead in the second set for the first time as Wei’s shot lands wide. Lee leads 5-4.

#Wei draws level with Liew. Score tied at 4-4 now.

# A smash gone wrong from Wei. Liew leads 4-2.

# Liew’s unforced error hands Wei his first point of the second set. Score 2-1.

# Liew takes another point due to Wei’s unforced error. He leads 2-0

# The second set starts. Wei takes the first point with a cross court smash.


# And it’s the Malaysian who takes the first set 21-12.

# An unforced error from Lee gives another point to Wei.

#Backhand gone wrong and Wei gets a point.

#Another powerful smash from the Malaysian who is now just two points away from taking the first set.

# And Lee goes into the second break of the first set leading 14-9

# Wei clawing his way back into the match. Lee’s lead has been reduced to just three points. Score 12-9.

# Lee cannot give an apt answer to Wei’s smash as he finds the net. Lee still leads 12-6.

#Smash gone wrong as Wei hits the net. Lee leads 11-4.

#Wide shot from Wei and the 26-year-old gifts the top-ranked Malaysian 10th point.

#A nicely judged shot from Wei gives him his fourth point. Lee leads 8-4

#A nice smash from Wei and he takes his third point of the night.

#And we are back. Lee takes the first point after break.

# Lee Chong Wei goes into the break leading 7-2.

#Another error from Wei gives Lee his fifth point.

#A cross court smash and the world no. 1 extends his lead to 4-1.

#An unforced error from Liew. Lee leads 3-1.

#A good judgement from Lee as the shot lands wide. Score 2-1.

#Lee is late on his shot and the score is now 1-1.

#And we’re on! And Lee with a powerful smash takes the first point. He leads 1-0.

# And the players have walked to the middle. The first game is about to start. Jwala Gutta with a whistle is all set to cheer her team.

# The first match of the night features Lee Chong Wei and Daren Liew.

# Lee Chong Wei has walked into the court amid a loud reception from the Mumbai crowd. Cricketers Sachin Tendulkar, Sunil Gavaskar and Ajit Agarkar are also present to witness today’s tie.

Mumbai Masters will be brimming with confidence with the return of world number one men singles player Lee Chong Wei when they take on Krrish Delhi Smashers at home.

Both the teams have so far won and lost a game each and will be eager to break into top three of the points table by clinching the tie.

In the singles department, Mumbai Masters have an edge in Lee and Vladimir Ivanov of Russia for men’s event and Tine Baun in women’s singles.

Delhi’s strong point is their doubles team comprising India’s Jwala Gutta, Boon Heong Tan and Kean Keet Koo of Malaysia.


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