Indian Badminton League, Day 7: As it happened...

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Match 5: Markis Kido/Pia Bernadeth (Awadhe Warriors) vs V Diju/Prajakta Sawant (Delhi Smashers)

It was a fantastic end to the day for Awadhe Warriors as in their last match, a dead rubber, Markis Kido and Pia Bernadeth defeated V Diju and Prajakta Sawant 21-20, 21-19. It was another nail-biting contest but at the end of the day Awadhe have convincingly won the tie 4-1.


Match 4: Darren Liew (Delhi Smashers) vs Gurusai Dutt (Awadhe Warriors)

In a close contest, Gurusai Dutt defeated Darren Liew in straight games - 21-16, 21-20. With this win, Awadhe Warriors have now taken an unassailable 3-1 lead over Delhi.


Match 3: Kien Keat Koo/Boon Hoeng Tan of Delhi Smashers vs Markis Kido/Mathias Boe of Awadhe Warriors

Kien Keat Koo and Boon Hoeng Tan of Delhi Smashers brought them into the competition with a much-needed win as they convincingly defeated Markis Kido and Mathias Boe of Awadhe Warriors in straight games - 21-16, 21-19. Awadhe now lead 2-1 over Delhi.


Match 2: PV Sindhu vs Arundhati Pantawane

PV Sindhu, who made India proud by winning a bronze medal at the recently concluded Badminton World Championships registered a victory for her side when she defeated Arundhati Pantawane of Delhi Smashers 21-16, 21-17 in women's singles. Awadhe Warriors now have a 2-0 lead over Delhi.


Match 1: Sai Praneeth vs K. Srikanth

Two Indians are against each other. Srikanth of Awadhe Warriors has a tough match. Both the players are young and dynamic. It’s going to be an interesting match. In the opening set, from the very start Srikanth took the lead and never gave it up. With the help of smashes and drops Srikanth flew away with the first set 21-14. In the second set Srikanth simply outplayed Praneeth. With the help of his powerful smashes and beautiful net play he forced Praneeth to do the unforced errors. And at the end won the second straight set 21-9. Win the win Awadhe Warriors are 1-0 up after the first match of the tie against Delhi franchise.

Now the second tie of the day is between Awadhe Warriors and Krrish Delhi Smashers.


Hyderabd Hotshots beat Mumbai Masters 3-2

Match 5: Mixed doubles -- Siki Reddy/Ivanov beats Tarun/ Pradnya: 21-18, 21-19

In the dead rubber, pair of Siki Reddy and Ivanov defeats Tarun and Pradnya of Hyderabad Hotshots by 21-18, 21-19 to win the consolation game.


Match 4: Men's singles -- Tanongsak beats Marc Zweibler 21-19, 17-21, 11-6

Both these players are quite strong. So it would be an interesting match. In the first set, though, Tanongsak pocketed the set but Marc gave him a tough fight, as the first set finishes at 21-19. It’s an even contest between both the players. In the second set Marc came up even stronger and won the second set by 21-17 to make it 1-1, and dragged the game to third and final set. In the final set Hyderabad’s Tanongsak dominated the game from the very beginning and never gave up his lead to win the set 11-6 and the game 2-1. With this win Hyderabad Hotshots wins the tie against Mumbai Masters.


Match 3: Men's doubles -- Shem Goh/ Wah Lim beats Sumeet/Manu: 11-21 21-16 11-9
After losing the first set 11-21, Hyderabad Hotshots pair of Shem/ Wah made an excellent comeback in the next two sets. As in the second set they beat Sumeet/ Manu 21-16 and in the third and deciding set beat them again by 11-9. Win this win Hyderabad Hotshots are 2-1 up against Mumbai Masters after the end of third Match. Now If Mumbai franchise has to win this tie then it has to win the next two matches.


Match 2: Saina Nehwal beats P.C. Thulasi 21-7, 21-10

Set 2: PC has to do something different to give some fight to Saina. And with a body line smash she earned the first point of the set. But PC is not learning from her mistakes and still doing unforced errors. At the moment Saina is leading 7-2. So far it’s a lopsided affair as Saina is dominating the game by 12-3. PC is clueless against the world class player. 14-3 is the score line before going for the second break. Saina is toying with PC as the score goes to 17-5. With a smash Saina earned another point to make it 18-5. PC earned few points to reach 20-9. And as expected Saina wins the second set 21-10 and the match as well. Now the tie is equally poised -- 1-1 -- after two matches.

Set 1: Saina gets the first point of the set. Hyderabad franchise has to win this game as it is trailing 1-0 after losing its first Match of this tie. Saina is leading the set 7-4 before going for the first break. PC is trailing four points as the score is 8-4. Too many unforced errors by PC, which means easy points to Saina. And while going for the second break the score line is 14-6 in Saina’s favour. PC is trailing four points as the score is 8-4. Too many unforced errors by PC, which means easy points to Saina. And while going for the second break the score line is 14-6 in Saina’s favour. But PC is no match to the world number four Saina and the first set goes to the Saina by 21-7.

Another high-profile match is coming up between Indian queen Saina Nehwal of Hyderabad and P.C. Thulasi of Mumbai Masters.


Match 1: Lee Chong Wei beats Ajay Jayaram 21-19, 11-21, 11-5

Set 3: Third set is crucial for both the player as they have won one match each. First point earned by the Indian. A long rally Wei got his first point –1-1. Jayaram has taken the lad of one point as the score line is 3-2. Wei has started making a comeback in the match as he gets the crucial lead before going for the break 6-3. Score reaches 5-7 before Wei earned two more points to reach 9-5. And in the third set unforced by Jayaram and world class game by Wei on the other hand gives the third set and game to Lee Chong Wei.

Set 2: One all in the second set. Jayaram has to go for long rallies as Wei might not recovered from his injury. Jayram takes the lead of 4-2. He has to maintain his lead. And with a smash by Jayaram its 5-3 in Jayaram’s favour. And before the first break of the second set Jayaram is lading 7-4. Jayaram is showing some marvelous skills and it’s 11-5. Jayaram has to maintain this lead if he wants to win this set. Wei has started doing a lot of unforced errors. And the score line is 12-6. Jayaram is looking quite composed against the world number one. And before going for the second break its 14-8 in Jayaram’s favour. Four consecutive points for Jayaram after the break and it’s 18-8. And after a long rally one more point goes to Jayaram -- 19-8. After playing outstanding game in this set Jayram wins the second set by 21-11.

Set 1: Jayaram started off well and took the lead of 3-1. Jayaram is using his smashes with good effect. But before going for the first break Wei takes the lead of one point as the score line is 7-6. Jayaram has given him a tough fight so far as the score is 11-11. But now unforced errors by Jayaram is making life easy for Wei. And before going or the second break of this set the score line is 14-13 in Wei’s favour. Jayaram is leading 17-15. But a few unforced by Jayaram helped Wei to equal the score at 17. A smash by Jayaram gave him the crucial lead against the world number one as the score reaches to 19-17. But later Wei used his rich experience and pocked the first set by 21-19.

It would be a difficult task for Jayaram of Hyderabad Hotshots to win the match against the world number one.


First match is between Lee Chong Wei and Ajay Jayaram, which will about to start in few minutes time.

Today we have two ties. First tie is between Hyderabad Hotshots and Pune Pistons and later on the day we will see Awadhe Warriors and Krrish Delhi Smashers locking the horns.

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