Indian Badminton League: Saina Nehwal vs Arundhati Pantawane - As it happened...

Zee Media Bureau/Suyash Srivastava

New Delhi: After winning her first match against PV Sindhu, Saina is up against Arundhati Pantawane Krrish Delhi Smashers.

2nd game:

# And she has won it in a comprehensive fashion! 21-6, 21-8. She has cruised through her opponent in just 28 minutes!

# Saina leads 20-8, match point for Saina.

# Arundhati's shot goes wide after Saina was coming to the nets, 18-7.

# Good smash from Saina, Arundhati was clueless there, 17-7.

# Saina's drop shot goes wide, 16-7.

# Another superb smash from Saina, 16-6 she leads.

# Good smash from Arundhati, 6-15.

# Top smash from Saina, 15-5 she leads.

# Saina's stroke falls in, misjudged by Arundhati. Saina now leads 14-5 at the end of the second break. 9-point lead and the victory could be a cakewalk for Saina here.

# Saina leads 13-5 with some deception.

# Good play at the nets by Saina, wins a long rally with a drop shot, 12-5.

# Arundhati's shot goes wide, 11-5 for Saina.

# Arundhati wins another point, 5-10.

# Arundhati's shot goes long, Saina leads 10-4.

# Another top class smash by Arundhati, reduces lead to 4-9.

# Good serve from Arundhati, trails 3-9.

# Saina now leads 9-2.

# Saina leads 8-2.

# Service fault by Saina, 2-7.

# Arundhati's smash goes wide, at the end of the first break, Saina leads 7-1.

# Arundhati wins a point, trails 1-6.

# Saina now leads 5-0.

# Saina leads 4-0, Arundhati has probably given up now.

# Saina takes a 3-0 lead with a cross court smash.

# Saina wins the first point again, leads 1-0.

1st game: SAINA WINS IT 21-6

# Arundhati's shot lands wide, and Saina wins the first game within no time. She is pummeling her opponent at the moment. Massive difference between the two players.

# Saina one game point away, 20-6.

# Arundhati's smash hits the nets, she trails, 6-19.

# Saina extends her lead to 18-6.

# This time Saina's smash finds the net, 17-6.

# Saina now leads 17-5.

# Another cross court smash for Saina, 16-5.

# Another smash for Saina, 15-5.

# Arundhati's shot lands wide, 14-5 for Saina. Huge lead for Saina. After the first break, she is now playing more aggressive.

# More lead for Saina, Arundhati losing her momentum, 13-5.

# Saina now leads 12-5.

# Saina deceives with a DROP SHOT, 11-5.

# Another down the line smash by Saina, 10-5. Big lead this.

# More points for Saina, 9-5.

# Saina plays a smash, takes a three-point lead 8-5.

# At the end of the first break, Saina leads 7-5.

# Saina leads now, 6-5.

# Scores level, 5-5.

# Arundhati's smash lands out, Saina leads 5-4.

# Saina replies with a smash, trails 3-4.

# Arundhati extends her lead to 4-2.

# Arundhati replies with a cross court smash, 3-2.

# Powerful smash by Saina, 2-2.

# Arundhati takes the lead with 2-1.

# Both the players won a point each 1-1.

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