Indian eves salvage 1-1 draw against Belgium in FIH WL R3

Rotterdam: A lacklustre Indian women`s hockey team eked out a 1-1 draw against Belgium to avoid a second consecutive defeat in the women`s competition of the FIH World League Round 3, here on Friday.

Anupa Barla saved the day for India with the equaliser in the 38th minute after Erica Coppey gave Belgium the lead in the fourth minute.

Undoubtedly it was yet another patchy performance from India, but it was a far better showing from the Ritu Rani-led side from their 0-7 drubbing at the hands of New Zealand in the opener.

It was expected to be a close encounter between India and Belgium, two teams ranked 12th and 13th in the world, but it was not, at least in the opening half.

The lower-ranked Belgian girls were by far the better side on display and completely dominated India in the opening 35 minutes.

The Indians looked disorgainsed and played catch-up hockey for most part of the opening period as Belgium mounted attack after attack on the opposition citadel.

It did not take Belgium long to take the lead, courtesy some sloppy defensive work by the Indian eves. The Belgians surged ahead in the fifth minute when Coppey neatly deflected home No 27`s cross from the left flank.

Belgium controlled the proccedings theafter as the game was mostly played in the Indian half.

India could have been down by two goals in the first half if not for a referral which went their way.