IOA announces election date, says can`t antagonise IOC

Updated: Sep 24, 2012, 18:06 PM IST

New Delhi: Faced with the threat from the International Olympic Committee to take action if its directives are not followed, the Indian Olympic Association today announced the date of its elections and said it wanted "perfect relations" with the parent body.

IOA acting president Vijay Kumar Malhotra told reporters here after its Executive Board Meeting that the elections to the apex sports body will be held on November 25 and a General Body Meeting has been called on October 18 to announce the poll process.

"The IOC had asked us to furnish information on two issues, one, the date of elections and the other to ensure voting right majority of National Sports Federations whose disciplines are in included in Olympic Games in the electoral college of the IOA," Malhotra told a press conference.

"The Executive Board today unanimously decided to hold the elections on Novemeber 25. And for the second issue raised by the IOC, we have decided to form a standing committee to ensure that the NSFs whose sports are in Olympic Games have majorioty voting rights in the electoral college," he said.

"The GBM of the IOA will meet on October 18 to decide on the second issue (raised by IOC) and for the election process (to start). We will also appoint a retired judge of a High Court or Supreme Court as returning officer so that the elctions are held in a transparent way under the IOA constitution and IOC rules and guidelines," he added.

The IOC, in its latest letter, had sought clarification on the composition of the IOA General Assembly on the principle of voting majority for NSFs affiliated to the IFs governing sports on the programme of Olympic Games, besides also asking for date of elections and warned to take action if these directives are not followed.

The IOC had also told the IOA that the elections would be monitored by an observer, but asked on this, Malhotra said that the issue was not included in the information sought by the world body.