IOA`s suspension will be beneficial for Indian sports: Khan

Bhopal: Former hockey Olympian Aslam Sher Khan today said the suspension imposed on the Indian Olympic Association (IOA) by International Olympic Committee (IOC) will prove beneficial for sports in the country.

"The IOC basically wanted IOA to adhere to its charter and conduct elections so that persons with tainted background can be prevented from entering the sports body. This will definitely prove beneficial for sports and the country in future," Aslam told reporters.

Citing China`s example in this regard, he said in the 60s, the Communist nation also faced similar situation following which they had resolved all their problems and emerged as a major sports power to reckon with in 10 years.

The IOC suspended the IOA because of government interference, a development which puts a bar on the country`s Olympic participation.

The decision was largely expected as IOA decided to go ahead with the elections under the government`s Sports Code as per the Delhi High Court directive, defying the IOC`s diktat to hold the polls under the Olympic Charter.

Aslam said despite IOC and the government trying to cleanse sports bodies, a number of "tainted persons" managed to become bosses of sports bodies.

Without taking any names, he said it could have been better if those persons had opted out on their own and not contested the polls.

The former Olympian said that morality demands that persons should emerge clean from all taints and then only enter prestigious bodies.