IOA want clarification from NADA on dope issue

Updated: Aug 26, 2010, 19:30 PM IST

Patiala: The chairman of IOA`s medical and anti-doping commission Manmohan Singh said the National Anti Doping Agency should clarify whether a few athletes deliberately evaded the recent surprise dope test or it was a lapse on their part

"If these people were not served the short notices for the dope test by NADA, they were innocent. According to WADA rules any athlete can be selected for dope test by giving a short notice and within an hour the athlete has to give sample to the NADA team," Singh told reporters.

"If then the sportsperson does not provide sample, he or she is defaulter. And if notice was not served then technically there is no violation," he added.

Four unnamed athletes skipped the dope test recently during the preparations for the Commonwealth Games at National Institute of Sports in Patiala.

NADA has already started an investigation into it.

Regarding the Commonwealth games, Singh said their job will start from the day Games village is open and will continue till the closing ceremony.

He said that they will follow international rules regarding dope testing for players in CWG.

The rules have been framed by World Anti Doping Agency and all the CWG countries have given their consent for it, he added.

The tests will be conducted at the WADA accredited lab in New Delhi.