IOC to ban syringes during 2012 London Olympics

London: The International Olympic Committee (IOC) has announced that it would ban the possession of syringes outside medical areas at the 2012 Olympic Games to prevent doping by athletes.

The IOC`s medical commission president Arne Ljungqvist said that it is a "message of good medical practice" because the syringes could be used for doping, and suggested that all materials used for injections should be prohibited in the Olympic village, dormitories, locker rooms and around the stadiums.

"We want to send a message saying: ``Behave appropriately in regard to medical treatment. We do not want treatment to take place anywhere and be administered by anyone," a news agency quoted him, as saying.

"A doctor will, of course, retain the right to treat an athlete as he deems necessary, but we want to be kept informed. The international cycling, rowing and gymnastics federations already have no-needle policies,” Ljungqvist added.


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