Kalmadi can`t escape from law: Maken

New Delhi: Sport Minister Ajay Maken on Monday
said that Suresh Kalmadi, accused of corruption in the
multi-crore Commonwealth Games scam, cannot escape from the
law just because he is suffering from dementia.

According to Deputy Inspector General of Tihar R N
Sharma, Kalmadi is suffering from dementia, a disease related
to memory loss, impaired reasoning and personality changes.

However, Maken said it will have no bearing on Kalmadi`s
case and he cannot get away with his alleged involvement in
the multi-crore Commonwealth Games scam.

"As far as involvement of Mr Kalmadi is concerned, no one
can get away with criminal involvement by saying that he
doesn`t remember anything now," Maken told a television
channel from US.

"So law will take its course, the govt also did not lack
behind as far as the agencies like the CBI, the CAG, Shunglu
Committee -- all of them have done their work well," he added.

Maken said the evidences against Kalmadi are well
documented and he can`t escape from law.

"I don`t think anyone can escape from criminal
responsibility just by saying that he does not remember
anything now," he said.

"Everything is in record, everything is on files and the
CBI already has done so much. FIRs have been lodged, Shunglu
Committee has come up with a report, CAG is going to come out
with its report.”

"So now he can`t say that since he doesn`t remember
anything, he can`t be found guilty. Nobody should be allowed
and nobody can be allowed to come out of this."

Sharma had said yesterday that dementia at a preliminary
stage was mentioned in the medical history submitted to Jail
authorities by the family members of Kalmadi and that former
MP was ailing much before he was arrested on the allegations
of being involved in large scale corruption in the conduct of
the Commonwealth Games.

The 66-year-old Kalmadi, who has been lodged in Tihar
jail for the last two months, was recently taken to Lok
Narayan Jai Prakash Hospital and an MRI scan was conducted on


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