Klitschko injured in Ukraine clashes over making Russian official language

Kiev: Boxing world champion Vitali Klitschko has been injured in violent clashes with police after the Ukraine Government voted to make Russian rather than Ukrainian the official language.

According to The Daily Mail, the Ukrainian prizefighter-turned-politician had to be treated after he was sprayed in the eyes with teargas and suffered a wound in his left arm during the unrest.

Klitschko was among rioters angry at the Ukranian Government`s decision to make Russian, rather than Ukrainian the main language in schools and local government in some parts of the former Soviet republic.

Klitschko has founded his own opposition party, Udar (meaning Blow), and took part in the protest.

"There are millions of us and they cannot pretend that nothing has happened," he said.

Police fired teargas and used batons to disperse hundreds of protesters in Kiev.

The clashes occurred after protestors, led by opposition defended the role of Ukrainian as the official language, gathered in front of a building where President Viktor Yanukovich was due to hold a press conference.

Opposition parties and millions who speak Ukrainian as their first language see the bill as a threat to sovereignty.