Magic Johnson says `America`s black community` must wake up to HIV threat

Washington: Basketball legend Magic Johnson has said that the black community in America is still in denial that the HIV virus can strike them, adding that he had done a wonderful job of raising the awareness level or educating their people.
According to CBS News, Johnson learned he was HIV-positive more than two decades ago after the Lakers tested him because of an insurance policy that had been taken out on the NBA superstar.

The team was playing an exhibition game in Utah before the start of the 1991 season, when team doctor Michael Mellman summoned the NBA superstar back to Los Angeles because of his blood results and that`s when he learned his life-changing diagnosis, the report said.
Johnson said that he was just devastated and blown away, adding that at that time, people were really dying of AIDS and he was scared to death.

Johnson added that there needs to be an effort to drive people to get tested because it was the most important thing, adding that the stigma and fear of knowing their status is holding people back.