Mike Tyson says `on the verge of dying` from drugs, alcohol

Los Angeles: Former heavyweight boxing champion Mike Tyson has claimed he is on the verge of dying from ongoing drug and alcohol problems.

"I wanna live my sober life. I don`t wanna die. I`m on the verge of dying, because I`m a vicious alcoholic." Tyson said on ESPN`s `Friday Night Fights`.

Tyson, now a promoter, told a news conference, "I`m a bad guy sometimes. I did a lot of bad things, and I want to be forgiven.”

"So in order for me to be forgiven, I hope they can forgive me. I wanna change my life, I wanna live a different life now," the former champion said.

Tyson admitted to being a continual substance abuser but was hopeful he was finally becoming clean.

"I haven`t drank or took drugs in six days, and for me that`s a miracle," he revealed.

"I`ve been lying to everybody else that think I was sober, but I`m not. This is my sixth day. I`m never gonna use again."