Ministry seeks clarification from IHF before Oct 3 polls

New Delhi: The Sports Ministry on Monday shot another letter to the Indian Hockey Federation, seeking clarification on its merger with IWHF and the election process for its office bearers before going into polls on Sunday.

The ministry had sent a letter to the IHF a few days ago, warning them to adhere to the government gulidelines while conducting of the polls to be recognised as a National Sports Federation (NSF).

In Sunday`s letter to IHF president KPS Gill, Director in the Sports Ministry, Deepika Kachhal asked the national body to clear the air over its merger with Indian Women`s Hockey Federation and submit a detailed account of its poll process.

"I am directed to refer to your letter dated 21st September, 2010 intimating about the merger of IHF and IWHF and the election schedule of office bearers of IHF and to say that the following points need clarifications -- the merger of IHF and IWHF and elections of office bearers of IHF," the letter said.

"Whether procedure laid down in Sec 12 and 13 of the Societies Registration Act has been completely followed by both IHF and IWHF. Whether amendments to the constitution/bye-laws of IHF have been made in accordance with the relevant provisions of Article 22 of its original constitution."

The Ministry also asked the IHF to clarify whether Registrar of Societies has been informed about the merger and the proposed amendments to the constitution and if so, to submit a copy of the relevant letter to it.

The Ministry also enquired from IHF the status of merger of men`s and women`s wing at the state and district level.

It also asked the IHF to submit its election schedule, including filing of nominations, withdrawl of candidatures, polling, counting and declration of results.