Muhammad Ali beats Bradman to title of greatest sportsman

Last Updated: Aug 19, 2009, 14:27 PM IST

Melbourne: Former World Heavyweight Boxing Champion Muhammad Ali, 67, has been named the greatest sports star by a leading Australian sports magazine.

Ali’s record in professional boxing’s most competitive era has seen him get the nod ahead of cricket legend Sir Donald Bradman. Michael Jordan, Tiger Woods and Diego Maradona rounded out the top five.

"Ali was an unbelievably skilful, clever boxer who was involved in some of the biggest fights of the 20th century," Alpha editor Heath Kelly said.

"Away from the ring, Ali’s impact was just as great - from his rapid-fire tongue, to his stance against the Vietnam War, to lighting the Atlanta Olympic torch when visibly affected by Parkinsons, he captured the public imagination like no athlete in history," Kelly added.

Alpha’s top 10

1 Muhammad Ali

2 Sir Donald Bradman

3 Michael Jordan

4 Tiger Woods

5 Diego Maradona

6 Rod Laver

7 Pele

8 Roger Federer

9 Carl Lewis

10 Lance Armstrong.