NADA collects 121 samples in run-up to London Olympics

New Delhi The National Anti Doping Agency (NADA) has collected 121 samples of sportspersons from eight disciplines in the final run up to the London Olympics starting from July 27.

To avoid any possible embarrassment during the London Olympics, the NADA was undertaking the sample testing of all the core probables and sportspersons who have qualified for the Games and have already completed the testing at Bangalore, Patiala, Sonepat and Hyderabad.

"This is being done with the objective that if there are any such athletes who have been indulging in doping practices they could be identified at the stage itself so that they do not cause for embarrassment if they are found positive during the London Olympic Games," Rahul Bhatnagar, NADA Director General, said in a statement.

From May 26th to June 5th, a total of 121 samples have been collected of athletes both "in competition" and "out of competition".

Out of the 121 samples, 37 are Swimmers, 27 from Athletics, five from badminton, 25 are paddlers and two from weightlifting. In wrestling, 11 Urine samples and 11 Blood samples have been taken.

"Further samples will be collected of the core probables during the next 10 days," the statement said.

"All the Athletes have also been distributed handouts regarding Do`s and Don`ts in respect of Doping for the London Olympics," it added.