Never asked for change in CWG opening ceremony time: ABC

Updated: May 24, 2010, 15:24 PM IST

New Delhi: The Australian Broadcasting
Corporation (ABC) today said it holds only the radio rights of
the 2010 Commonwealth Games and never asked for a change in
the timing of the event`s opening ceremony.

Timing of the opening ceremony became a bone of
contention between the Organising Committee (OC) and the
creative group which had conceived it. OC said its 2008 deal
with the Australian broadcaster makes a 5.30 pm start
imperative but the creative group insisted on a 7.30 om start,
saying darkness was required for maximum effect since the
ceremony involved laser show and pyrotechnics.

ABC today said in a statement that neither it holds the
TV rights for the Games in Australia, nor did it seek a 5.30
pm start for the ceremony.

"The Australian Broadcasting Corporation does not own the
Australian Television Rights for the Games. The ABC owns the
Radio Rights only. We have never asked the Games organisers to
change the starting time of the Opening Ceremony," ABC
Director of Communications, Michael Millett said in a

The TV broadcasters for the Commonwealth Games are
Network Ten and Foxtel.

Millett said ABC was looking forward to catering sizeable
Australian listeners with inputs from the October 3-14 Games.

"The ABC very much looks forward to bringing all the
excitement of the Commonwealth Games in Delhi to a huge
Australian audience," he said.

The row over the opening ceremony timing was finally
solved on Saturday in a Group of Ministers meeting where they
agreed to a 7 pm start.