No leniency for those who fail the dope test: Malhotra

New Delhi: Indian Olympic Association vice-president Vijay Kumar Malhotra said the Sports Ministry should immediately initiate a high-level inquiry to find out the culprits who are responsible for sports persons failing dope tests.

Malhotra, who is also the president of General Association of National Sports Federations (GANSF), said apart from sports persons, coaches, doctors and officials of Sports Authority of India (SAI) should also be investigated.

"Earlier also many sports persons failed dope test but action has not been taken against anyone. There should be a zero tolerance for those who test positive," Malhotra said in a statement.

"It is a very serious matter that 12 sports persons- six wrestlers, three swimmers, two athletes and one net-ball player- have tested positive a month before the Commonwealth games.”

"The GANSF wants that not only the involved sports persons but their coaches, doctors and SAI officials should also be punished if found guilty," he said.

Malhotra said in 2002 Manchester and 2006 Melbourne Commonwealth Games India had "performed well but couple of sports persons failed the test in these games and brought disgrace to the nation".

"The country has already paid hefty sum of fine for the misdeeds of few Weightlifters. We have paid over Rs 5 crore to get the ban lifted from the Weightlifting Federation of India (WFI) so that lifters can take part in the Games," he said.

He said that IOA should issue a clear and stern warning to the sports persons that they will be banned for life if they test positive.

"The coaches, doctors and officials should also be told in no uncertain terms that they will also have to face the consequences if their players fail the test.”

Malhotra said sports fans in the country are disgusted with the daily reports of players failing the dope tests.

"We are being watched by the various International Sports Federations and any indiscretion on the part of Indian players or officials will only bring disrepute to the country," he said.