Nothing conclusive came out of state units meeting: IBF

New Delhi: The suspended Indian Boxing Federation on Monday sought to downplay the meeting of its state units here, saying that it was not as well attended as claimed and "nothing conclusive" came out of the gathering.

More than half of the IBF`s state units met here yesterday and decided to write to the International Boxing Association, seeking the formation of an interim committee to run the sport due to the provisional suspension imposed on the Indian body.

The meeting was attended by IBF vice-President P K Muralidharan Raja but interestingly, the IBF referred to him as a former Secretary General in the statement sent out on Monday.

"First and foremost the 6 Oct 2013 meeting called by Brig Raja failed miserably to deliver on its promise of attendance. The congregation present at the meeting included not just IBF Members but boxing coaches, managers and boxers as well," said a statement from current IBF Secretary Rajesh Bhandari.

"The meeting was later termed as a conclave, after the Indian Boxing Federation and AIBA, the world body for the sport, accorded their disapproval for holding of such a meeting," he added, referring to an AIBA letter which prohibited the state units from discussing the constitution and deciding on a date of re-election.

AIBA has set a December 4 deadline to hold re-elections, failing which it would bar Indian boxers from all the international events.

"Any individual from the boxing fraternity of India has the right to hold a gathering, however taking into consideration the agenda as specified; only the President or the Secretary General has the constitutional right to call such a meeting," Bhandari stated.

"Nothing conclusive came out of the meeting; the opinion of the members present were divided on the course of action being suggested. Questions were raised on the complete change of heart of Brig Raja as he was the one who conducted the elections in September last year as the Secretary General.

"Moreover he was the one who proposed the name of Mr Abhishek Matoria for the post of the President," Bhandari added.

Bhandari claimed that there was no need for an interim committee as the federation would be holding the re-election. He questioned the need to have a meeting of the state units.

"...When IBF is on the same page as AIBA to conduct fresh elections, the motives and purpose of this meeting come into question, especially when the Federation is so close to getting the matter sorted.

"Also as directed by AIBA the soon to be conducted IBF election will be in presence of an Electoral Returning Officer appointed by AIBA and the world body may/might send its observers to witness/conduct the meetings," he said.