Now, match fixing hits Australia`s National Rugby League

Melbourne: Australia`s National Rugby League (NRL) has been rocked by a fresh report that high-profile players, player managers and underworld figures have been involved in match-fixing.

A Sydney radio station made the allegation on Wednesday morning, reporting that players earning 200,000, 300,000 and 400,000 dollars were involved in match fixing.

Triple M Grill Team panellist Mark Geyer, a former rugby league star, said he thought matches alleged to have been fixed did look suspect.

"After hearing the rumors from different sources, I have gone back and looked at the games in question," said Geyer, who did not reveal the matches alleged to have been fixed.

"It makes me have some doubt on a few of the things I am getting spoken to about. I watched the games closely and ... that put doubt in my mind. Whether I am just looking for that, I don`t know, because of what I heard," Geyer added.ellow Triple M Grill Team panellist Stuart MacGill, a former Test cricket player, said: "If there is an issue here, we`ve been told that the NRL won`t act on this until after the finals series so that they don`t detract from the great football that we`re all anticipating over the coming weeks."

NRL communications officer John Brady contacted Triple M to deny the allegation, stressing the organisation "wasn`t aware of any such claim".

Reports last week suggested that as many as six matches could be investigated by a police strike force.