NZ netball captain tells family to skip Commonwealth Games

Updated: Jul 25, 2010, 16:31 PM IST

Christchurch: New Zealand netball captain
Casey Williams has told her family and friends not to travel
to India for the Commonwealth Games in October as she fears
terrorist bombings during the event.

Although Williams has committed to lead New Zealand
netball team`s Commonwealth title defence, she said she
doesn`t want her loved ones to travel to India.

"My family were going to India but I`ve told them to stay
at home. We, as players, have protection but they, as public,
don`t. They`ve said fair enough, they`ll go to the world
championships in Singapore the year after instead," Williams,
who plays as defender, said.

"I do think about the security side and I don`t think
Delhi`s the kind of place where you meet up in the middle of
town for coffee. But it`s not going to stop me from going, I
don`t have any issues travelling to India and I`ll be there
with bells on," she was quoted as saying.

The report said that 25-year-old Williams was the latest
high-profile Kiwi athlete to scrap family travel plans on the
basis she cannot guarantee their safety.

In April, her team-mates Temepara George and Leana de
Bruin revealed they had cancelled plans to have their families
in India. Both also reserved their right to wait until closer
to the October 3 Games start before confirming their own

Despite ongoing security and terrorism concerns, there
are yet to be any notable withdrawals from New Zealand`s Games
team for India. But many more athletes are expected to follow
Williams` lead and advise friends and family against
travelling to New Delhi to support them, the report said.